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Greatcall lively mobile

Are you looking for an emergency medical response system that protects you in and outside your home? How about a system that tracks where you are, at all times – at no extra cost?

If you’re still active outside your home, but want the security of live monitoring 24/7 wherever you go, a mobile medical alert system powered by cellular technology may be the right solution for you.

GreatCall Lively Mobile is one of our highest ranked mobile medical alert systems, offering a great combination of reliable equipment, benchmark response times, live GPS tracking, fall detection, water resistance and phenomenal services that offers access to live nurses and doctors, all at the most affordable prices in the market today!

After reviewing the other leading mobile emergency response systems, none offer the same quality, service and value. Moreover, we love it's all in one design, which most mobile systems do not have – it’s less bulky than most systems and much better looking as well. With a basic price of $24.99 a month it’s $10 to $20 cheaper a month than much of the competition for a mobile device, a significant savings – and the technology and service is still better than most!

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GreatCall Lively Mobile Review

All-In-One Design: Most mobile medical alert devices come with 2-3 pieces, the two way voice communication pendent, a fall detector pendent and a separate battery and GPS locator. GreatCall Lively Mobile is one of the few companies that only requires you to carry one device, making it far more convenient than most of the competition.

Fastest Response Times: Perhaps one of the most important features of any medical alert system is that you’re able to reach emergency responders quickly once you’ve pressed the emergency button. Believe it or not, some systems have quite a delay. Great Call Lively Mobile was the #1 ranked mobile medical alert system for response speed according to Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Nationwide Mobile Coverage: GreatCall Lively Mobile uses Verizon, which offers the widest coverage in the country.

GPS Tracking: One of the big advantages of a mobile emergency response system is that it can tell emergency responders where you are, even if you can’t talk. This is a great feature for those who are active out of the house, especially if they do things on their own.

However, Great Call Lively mobile takes it to another level. If you get the Preferred plan for $29.99 a month, you can also see where your loved one is on your phone at all times through GPS tracking. This is especially helpful if memory loss, wandering or confusion is an issue for your loved one. The app will also be able to tell you if your loved one's device needs to be recharged.

Fall Detection: GreatCall Lively Mobile also offers fall detection as an option. With falls being one of the leading causes of injury and hospitalization among older adults, a mobile fall detection device, combined with GPS tracking may be just the kind of security you’re looking for when venturing from home.

If the system detects that you’ve fallen, the emergency response center will be called immediately. Responders will try to talk to you through your device. If you do not respond, they will track your location through the GPS tracking device and send emergency personnel to your location immediately.

Waterproof: Great Call Lively Mobile is IPX7 rated, meaning it is waterproof when submerged under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes at a time. That means you can take a shower, bath and do the dishes without a worry. Many other mobile medical alert devices are actually not even water resistent, so you can't even take them in the shower!

Doctors Line: Imagine getting 24/7 access to registered nurses and board certified doctors. With Great Call Lively Mobile's Urgent Care, you get just that. It’s available anytime, anywhere and does not cost a dime over and above your monthly subscription fee. Urgent Care doctors can even fill out prescriptions for common medications over the phone!

U.S. Based Monitoring Center: One of the features we look for when recommending a medical alert system, is that its monitoring center and its agents be located in the United States. We believe this is important because it avoids language barriers during emergency situations and also ensures a likelihood of higher training standards and the ability of 3rd party standards organizations to oversee monitoring operations.

In the case of GreatCall Lively Mobile, all of their monitoring stations are located in the U.S. and their agents have been 5Star certified and IAED (International Academies of Emergency Dispatch) trained in CPR and other emergency procedures to help you through any unsafe situation 24/7.

Great Value: What makes GreatCall Lively Mobile our preferred mobile medical alert system is that it comes with all the required functionality, service standards and design practicality at one of the best price points in the industry.

In all instances you first buy the mobile device, for a one time fee of $49.99 plus pay a one time activation fee of $35. Compare those prices to Philips Lifeline who charges an initial set-up fee of $149 and you can see the savings.

The basic plan, at $24.99 a month provides emergency response monitoring and GPS location in the event of an emergency. Compare that to $37.99 a month for a similar package from ADT or $54 a month from Philips Lifeline.

The Preferred plan has the additional benefit of the Nurses line, which gives you access to registered nurses and licensed doctors 24/7 and allows you to track the location of your loved one on your phone live at all times. It also allows you to remotely monitor the charge on the device. At $29.99 it still comes in as the cheapest option on the market, with features most other services don’t provide.

Lastly, the Ultimate plan also offers fall detection and product replacement if your device is lost, broken or stolen – no questions asked, at $39.99 – again, no one comes close on price. 

Free Cancellation / No Long Term Contract: Despite GreatCall Lively Mobile’s best pricing in the market, there’s no long term contract and you’re free to cancel any time with no early termination fee. Because you own the product, you don’t have to ship it back either.

Our conclusion? We really like the GreatCall Lively Mobile. We think it gives us all the features we need, some such as live GPS tracking, not offered elsewhere, at the best prices available. There are some things we’d like to see improved such as battery life, but no challenges specific to GreatCall Lively that other mobile alert systems don’t face as well.

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  1. Barbara Killian

    my husband came home from the hospital with someone elses alert button. There is no company name on it. on the back is a barcode and number, but no other markings. How do I find the company so it can be returned.

    • Hi Barbara, I would call the hospital, see if someone has reported a lost medical alert, or if it belongs to a program they manage.

      Kindest, Staff

  2. What ever I end up buying, It is my preference, to pay by check. Quarterly, or twice a year. Is that possible with this Medical Alert?

    • Hi Naomi,

      With GreatCall Lively Mobile, you can absolutely pay by check, however, you can only pay monthly. Other providers like Medical Guardian and Bay Alarm Medical allow you to pay quarterly.

      Hope that helps!

      SeniorSafetyReviews Staff