The Best Mobile Medical Alert Systems For Seniors 2020


So you're in the market for a new mobile medical alert system that will protect you in the event of a fall or medical emergency no matter where you are, but have no idea where to begin. We get it. We'll help you understand which product features and services really matter and which don't (less complicated than you think). We'll also help steer you clear from the more nefarious sales tactics that can lock you into long term contracts or add-on fees that can cost you hundreds.

First off, let's be clear on what mobile medical alert systems do. You press your medical alert button. You speak with an emergency operator through the two way voice pendent. You're located with the system's GPS and help is sent to you (either a family member or emergency services, depending on your needs), no matter where you are.

The best mobile medical alert systems work in all places, under all outdoor conditions, are easy to use and comfortable to wear – providing independence and peace of mind.

The best medical alert companies have risk-free trial periods, fully cancellable contracts and excellent customer satisfaction and service levels.

Here’s our list of the best Mobile Medical Alert Systems for 2020:

Best Mobile Medical Alert System For An Active Lifestyle

Medical Guardian Active Guardian4.5 out of 5 Rating
Excellent 9.7

  • Most Popular Choice
  • Easter Sale (Ends March 12, 2020) - Call now get 1 free month, free lock box, free extra pendent & free shipping with the annual plan.
  • Free equipment, free activation, free shipping
  • Lasts up to 5 days on one charge!
  • All-in-one mobile device - two-way voice, GPS & fall detection
  • No long term contracts, pro-rated refunds on annual pricing plans
  • 100% Shower proof
  • AT&T network (no extra cost)

Why It's a Winner:

Medical Guardian offers the complete mobile medical alert package. It offers an all in one pendent that includes two-way voice, GPS and fall detection in one portable device you can take anywhere. Many other systems have a mobile device that you have to carry separately from the help button - forcing you to carry around at least two pieces of hardware.

We also love the Active Guardian's long lasting battery which charges for up to 5 days - longest in the industry. Lastly, we really like its locating technology, which uses GPS and WiFi for accurate tracking indoors and out. The monitoring center can send family or emergency personnel to within 5 yards of your location.

And of course, we only recommend reputable Medical Alert companies that offer fully cancellable contracts at any point in time, with pro-rated refunds on annual pricing plans! With Medical Guardian, even if you're on the annual plan, if you cancel in month 3, they will refund the 9 unused months of your annual contract - for any reason. Other companies, like Life Alert have 3 year contracts, which are non cancellable, except under certain strict conditions (which have to be proven with paperwork).

Easter Sale - Limited time offer until April 30, 2020. Call and ask for promo code EASTER20

Call for Best Offer (800) 889-4116


Best Mobile Medical Alert Fall Detector

Philips Lifeline Go Safe 24.5 out of 5 Rating
Excellent 9.2

  • Most Recommended By Professionals
  • 3 different fall detection sensors
  • Most accurate tracking GPS
  • Low false alarm rate
  • All-in-one pendant - two-way voice, GPS, fall detection
  • Shower proof
  • AT&T network (no extra cost)
  • * Up-front cost for hardware

Why It's a Winner:

The Philips Lifeline Auto Alert Fall detection system uses three technologies to detect changes in height, horizontal positioning and velocity to assess (no technology is 100% accurate) when you've fallen, and send help when you can't press the button yourself. Many other mobile medical alert systems have less accurate fall detection resulting in false alarms or worse a fall gone undetected.

The only downside to Philips Lifeline is cost - you have to buy the hardware up front, and pay for shipping and activation - but its reputation, service and product are impeccable.

Call for Best Offer (855) 410-3191


Best Mobile Medical Alert System For Caregivers

MobileHelp Solo4 out of 5 rating
Very Good 8.8

  • Caregiver ability to detect location of device online (track your loved one)
  • System status alerts sent to caregivers
  • Emergency & non-emergency alert notifications sent to caregivers
  • Two free help buttons with mobile device
  • Free equipment
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free cancellation
  • AT&T network (no extra cost)

Why It's a Winner:

The MobileHelp Solo is a great mobile medical alert system for family members and caregivers who want to actively participate in the safety and well-being of their loved one. MobileHelp Connect allows family members to detect their loved ones location through an online caregiver portal, with up to 30 free location requests per month - not many mobile medical alert systems offer this functionality yet.  MobileHelp Connect's online portal or mobile phone app also provides system status alerts (like low battery charge), non-emergency alerts and emergency alerts whenever the help button is pressed.

The only thing we don't like about the system is that the mobile device is separate from the help button, so you have to carry two devices with you outside your home. 

Call for Best Offer (800) 920-1745


Best Mobile Medical Alert System For Access to Live Doctors

GreatCall Lively Mobile4 out of 5 rating
Very Good 8.3

  • Access to live doctors and nurses (can even prescribe common medications over the phone)
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • No contracts
  • Free shipping
  • Shower proof
  • Verizon network (no extra cost)
  • * Up-front cost for hardware

Why It's a Winner:

GreatCall Lively Mobile is one of the few mobile medical alert systems that allows you to speak to a fully licensed nurse or doctor live to answer any medical questions or concerns. In fact, doctors can even prescribe common medications over the phone! GreatCall also has a great portal for family members so they can check the location of their loved one, if their loved one turned on the system, if the battery is charged, and if and when the alert button has been pressed. Those services are available in the Preferred plan.

Only things we don't love about the GreatCall Lively mobile are that we find it a little bulky, and the battery needs recharging every 24 hours.

Call for Best Offer (866) 829-4527


Alert-1 Kelsi Pro4 out of 5 rating
Very Good 8.2

  • Lasts up to 5 days on one charge!
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free equipment
  • Free month, free activation, free shipping on annual plans
  • Uses GPS, Wi Fi & cellular triangulation to locate you
  • 100% Shower proof
  • AT&T network (no extra cost)

Why It's a Winner:

While you can recharge you mobile device every night, it's a lot safer and more convenient if you only have to do it once a week. The average mobile medical alert system has a battery life of 1 to 3 days. Alert 1's Kelsi has a battery life of 5 days, which is the longest available. A longer battery life is a lot safer and more convenient. Alert 1's Kelsi Pro is also a relatively affordable device for the power it delivers.

Call for Best Offer (877) 934-4839


Why Get a Mobile Medical Alert System?

Falls are the leading cause of injury and deaths in older adults in the United States. According to the CDC 1 in 4 seniors fall each year and falling once doubles the chance you'll fall again. However, 90% of older adults who get help within 1 hour of their fall will be able to go home again. That's where mobile medical alert systems help, especially for older active adults. No matter where you are, if you have a fall or medical emergency, help can be sent your way within minutes with highly accurate GPS locating technology. 

Is a Mobile Medical Alert System Right For You?

If you fear a fall or have a medical condition, a mobile medical alert system can give you the freedom to continue leading an active lifestyle and doing what you love to do, in and outside your home.

Here are some of the reasons you might need a mobile medical alert system:

  • You spend a lot of time alone, both in your house and outside your home;
  • You lead an active lifestyle and fear being alone in the event of an accident;
  • You have a medical condition such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, 
  • You have mobility issues, use a walker, wheelchair or cane;
  • Your loved one wanders, gets disoriented or lost on occasion; 
  • You don't have a landline.
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