Best Identity Theft Protection for Seniors 2024


Get protection before you need it! We ranked the Best Identity Theft Protection programs. Review our favorite picks and make the best decision to protect your identity.

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The Best Identity Theft Protection for Seniors 2024

Identity Guard Logo Identity Guard Rating: Excellent

Identity Guard earned our top pick for several reasons. First, they have one of the most sophisticated data analysis programs through a partnership with IBM's artificial intelligence technology. This technology gives them a leg-up on the competition when it comes to analyzing the billions of data points necessary to detect, locate and uncover risks to your identity.

Identity Guard will tell you if a name has been added to one of your bank accounts, or if there's been an address change. They'll tell if there's been a wire transfer from one of your bank accounts or if they've found your credit card number being sold on the dark web. They'll also notify you of any data breaches, so that if you are a customer you can promptly protect your information and address the issue. 

Second, if a problem is detected, a personal case manager, located in the United States, will walk you through how best to resolve your identity theft and recover your identity. 

Third, we really like Identity Guards insurance coverage. They offer $1 million insurance with stolen funds reimbursement, covering lost wages, travel expenses, elder care, spousal care and child care, legal defense fees, all with a $0 deductable.

Bottom Line:

    • Most sophisticated ID theft detection technology through partnership with IBM Watson artificial intelligence
    • $1 million insurance
    • Every plan has mobile and desktop ID theft protection software included
    • U.S. based case managers
    • Excellent pricing with flexible options for individual and family plans, as well as upgrades.

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LifeLock Logo LifeLock Rating: Very Good

LifeLock is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the ID Theft monitoring industry, with good reason. It offers an excellent prevention, detection and resolution identity theft program.

One thing that LifeLock offers that's really unique is it's ID theft prevention software. We think this is crucial, especially for seniors who tend to be more prone to online fraud than others. The Norton360 online security software works on both desktop and mobile devices. It has anti-virus, anti-phishing and anti adware protections. LifeLock also offers VPN (Virtual Private Network), so that you can browse the web anonymously on public WIFI, which also helps reduce online ID Theft.

LifeLock also monitors your identity on the dark web, checks for loan applications, cell phone subscriptions, address changes with the USPS, etc... and they offer a personal case manager to help you resolve a case of Identity theft.

Bottom Line:

    • Excellent ID Theft prevention, detection and resolution
    • Very strong ID Theft protection software with Norton Anti Virus (helps prevent ID theft in the first place)
    • VPN for up to 10 devices is a really unique feature and it will help keep you anonymous on the web
    • $1 million Identity theft insurance
    • ID Theft resolution personnel located in the United States
    • Range of well priced plans offering monitoring increasingly detailed monitoring and credit reports

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IdentityForce Logo IdentityForce Rating: Very Good

We really like IdentityForce. They include the same monitoring services no matter what package you select, and they monitor nearly everything including investment accounts, court records, social media, and sex offender monitoring. Many other services only include monitoring court records in their more expensive packages.

IdentityForce also offers computer protection software from phishing, keylogging, malware etc... That said, we're not sure how robust their solution is compared to LifeLock's new Norton 360 partnerhsip.

They also offer their $1 million identity theft insurance in all of their packages. That said, it seems like they don't cover stolen funds, only out of pocket expenses and lost wages.

Bottom Line:

    • Robust detection, monitoring and alerts with all plans
    • $1 million Identity theft insurance with all plans
    • Online software protection

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Experian Logo Experian Rating: Good

Experian is one of the 3 largest credit bureaus in the United States. Their identity theft protection program, called identityworks, is positioned as offering more for less. For example, unlike LifeLock, you can lock your credit file (preventing anyone from taking out a loan), you'll get 3 credit bureau scores every 90 days, instead of once per year, you'll get your free FICO score, and you'll be able to see any account balance changes (increases in loans) and credit utilization changes.

The only thing we don't like about Experian Identity Theft Protection, is that a lot of its features are not offered in the basic plan, such bank account and credit card takeovers. Moreover, if you're looking for some sort of online software protection, experian does not offer any.

Bottom Line:

    • Excellent monitoring and alerts
    • Ability to lock and open your credit file anytime , with all plans
    • $1 million Identity theft insurance with all plans
    • 3 credit bureau reports, every 90 days

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IDWatchdog IDWatchdog Rating: Good

If there's one thing that separates IDWatchdog from the rest, it's customer service. They monitor everything regardless of package, but they promise to stick with you until you get 100% resolution with Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists. They have a 24/7 call center and they speak over 100 languages. 

Both their plans also include credit monitoring, however you only get your credit report if you select the Platinum plan (which is typical).

The only downside is they don't offer any software protection and they don't have a mobile app currently, so when you log-in, you have to do so on a desktop.

Bottom Line:

    • Excellent customer service, promises 100% resolution
    • Robust detection, monitoring and alerts with all plans
    • $1 million Identity theft insurance with all plans

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