Medical Guardian Classic Review


Medical Guardian Classic Review

Looking for a medical alert system with the range of 3 football fields, a pendant you can submerge under 3 feet of water and 911 certified operators? We found it! How about 1 month free, free cancellation,  a free lock box, free extra button, free shipping, free equipment, free activation and a lifetime warranty? Look no further.

For people who want a reliable medical alert system, without the unnecessary bells and whistles, the Medical Guardian Classic has the ideal combination of quality equipment and service, offering one of the most compelling, flexible, risk-free, pricing plans in the country.

We’ve reviewed medical alert programs and system from Lifeline, Life Alert and over 10 other leading programs. None offer the same combination of quality, service and value. While monthly prices tend to be the same, you get more product from Medical Guardian with fewer small print charges to worry about – we like the simplicity and transparency.

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Medical Guardian Classic Review

Easy Installation: The Medical Guardian is easy to install. For the basic landline program, you simply open the box, plug the system into the wall and a phone jack and turn the system on – done. Press the emergency button to test it out and you’re all set.

Longest Range: One of the few ways a medical alert system can fail you, is if it falls out of range from the base station. You can always get a cellular based system, but they cost significantly more per month, and are used more if you need protection when leaving home alone.

Medical Guardian gives you the furthest range of any Medical Alert system, at 1,300 feet – twice as long as the average system. It’s the length of 3 football fields. That means you can do your gardening, relax on the patio, get the mail and know you’re protected.

Best Response Times: Of all the emergency response systems tested the Medical Guardian Classic had the fastest response time once you pressed the emergency response button.

Water Resistant: One of the next most important features of any medical alert system is its water resistance. Can you do the dishes, take a shower, or bathe without fear of damaging the alert button, whether on your wrist or neck.

The Medical Guardian Classic is fully water resistant and you can submerge it under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes at a time – water should not be an issue.

National Coverage: Some local emergency response systems only serve your local area. One of the benefits of Medical Guardian is that you can take it with you no matter where you go in the country. Simply plug your base station in and you’re back in business.

High Level Staff Training: This is important. There are literally dozens of small local medical alert providers in the marketplace, many of whom use Home Alarm Monitoring agents for their medical alert businesses. The concern is whether their operators are qualified to handle medical emergencies.

What we like about Medical Guardian is that their agents get the same certification as 911 operators, according to them. This should give some comfort that the level of advice in an emergency response situation will be significantly higher than a standard call center representative.

Free Offers: Most landline based medical alert systems charge around $30 a month, plus or minus a few dollars. Finding the best system is not about finding the lowest price. It’s about finding the best product and service at the same or lower prices.

The Medical Guardian costs $29.95 a month. However, if you pay for the system annually you get 1 free month, plus a free lock box, free extra help button and free ground shipping.

In addition, you get FREE activation, FREE equipment & FREE cancellation – there’s no fine print.

Free Couples: One of the other nice things we like about Medical Guardian, is that you can have both husband and wife covered by one base station at no extra cost! Many other systems charge an extra monthly service charge – Medical Guardian does not. In fact, if you get the free extra emergency response button with your purchase it won’t cost you anything at all!

Our assessment? If you’re looking for an emergency response system for your home, Medical Guardian Classic has all the bells and whistles you need (longest range, water resistant, fastest emergency response tested, highest trained reps, lock box, extra button or a wireless system) at the right price.

Best of all, give it a try, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime and you'll only pay for the months you've used the service, nothing more, even on the annual plan. 

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