Top Products for People With Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer's


products for dementia and alzheimer's

If a loved one of yours is suffering from memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer's, all you want is to shower them with love and make their days more comfortable, enjoyable and stimulating. Getting a smile or a thank you is worth its weight in gold. The products below are meant to provide just that. Make day to day life for the one you love most a little easier and a lot more enjoyable.

1. Ageless Innovation - Robotic Companion Pets

companion pets

Mechanical stuffed animals provide loving, nurturing, therapeutic benefits to those suffering from alzheimer's and dementia. Provides social engagement and improves mood. The pet is interactive - it moves and meows.

2. Memory Loss One Button Radio

(3,345 ratings)

one button radio

Excellent product for those with memory or visual impairment. One button makes it easy to turn on and off. The caregiver (family member) simply removes the front panel, selects the station on AM or FM, sets the desired volume and puts the panel back on.

You can also download music onto a USB stick via MP3 and play it all of your loved one's favorites on the radio - a proven therapeutic mood enhancer!

3. Reminder Rosie - Voice Controlled Medication Alarm Clock

(2,444 ratings)

reminder rosie

Record up to 25 reminders, in your voice, and never forget medications, appointments and daily tasks again! You can program daily, weekly, monthly or reminders by date.

4. Med-e-lert - Locking Automatic Pill Dispenser

(5,520 ratings)

med-e-lert pill dispenser box

Simply organized, safely dispensed pills encourages medication compliance and adherence. Med-e-lert allows you to program up to 28 days, with six daily alarms, 6 dosage rings and 1 metal key to prevent tampering.

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5. Echo Show 5 - Smart Display With Alexa

(1,238 ratings)

Echo spot not only let's you hear what happening, it's let's you see it as well. Listen to music, the news, audio books, the weather forecast, to-do lists and create alarms and reminders - all hands free. Alex can turn on your lights, open your front door and change your temperature through your voice command as well. Perhaps best of all for seniors, Alexa can call your family members, control your TV, even request an Uber or Taxi!

6. Perfect Petzzz - Golden Retriever

(3,345 ratings)

perfect petzzz golden retriever

These are lifelike pets that look like they are actually breathing. Provides comfort, company and emotional support to those suffering from dementia and alzheimer's. The puppy comes with a bed, grooming brush, travel box, tag and an adoption certificate!

7. TwiddleClassic Therapy Aid - Alzheimer's Anxiety Relief Fidget Toy

(2,444 ratings)


Calming and comforting, TwiddleClassic reduces stress, improves fine motor skills and stimulates brain activity in seniors living with dementia and Alzheimer's.

It has a soft plastic ball in the interior, a loop of wooden beads, ribbons and a Velcor pull patch. It's machine washable and dryer friendly!

8. Memory Loss Fidget & Sensory Pad

(5,520 ratings)

Memory Loss Fidget & Sensory Pad

Excellent for seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia. Helps relieve boredom and provide stimulation with a series of fun activities from lacing, buckling and zipping. Keeping hands active and busy reduces loneliness.

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9. Truly Real - Believable Baby Therapy Dolls

(5,520 ratings)

truly real baby

Great therapy for seniors with dementia. Soothing, comforting and calming, improves mood. Alleviates loneliness and provides social engagement for those living with dementia. Part of reminiscence therapy for remembering motherhood or fatherhood. Sweet Dreems, Danny Baby Doll, is handcrafted and hand-painted with baby-soft RealTouch® vinyl. It's weighted to feel like a real baby in your arms.

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10. Tile Mate - 4 Pack Finder with Replaceable Battery

(1,238 ratings)

tile mate

Never lose you keys, wallet, purse or phone again! With Tile Mate you can use your smartphone to make your Tile Mate ring, making it easy to find it behind the couch, under the pillow or anywhere nearby but out of sight! You can also find your phone by double pressing the tile button and it will make your phone ring, even if it's on silent! Batteries last for a year and can be easily replaced.

11. Safewander - Bed Exit Alarm Sensor

(3,345 ratings)

safewander for alzheimer's

Do you have a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's who wanders? Afraid of them falling? A sensor attached to your loved one's clothing will send a beeping alarm to your phone when they leave their bed. You can monitor from anywhere. No monthly fees!

12. Sonno Zona- Sensory Weighted Blanket for Dementia

(2,444 ratings)

weighted blanket for dementia

Comfortable and calming, weighted blanket with Cashemere-like texture, adds compression and sensory pressure to your body. Provides tactile comfort, relaxes and soothes seniors.

13. SVINZ - Calendar & Day Clock for Dementia

(5,520 ratings)

clock & calendar for dementia

Specifically designed for those with memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer's, SVINZ alarm clocks and calendars come with three alarms and extra large clock numbers on a clearly contrasted screen for easy reading. It also comes with two color display options, white and yellow, depending on which is most easily seen. Easy to set-up, easy to read. 12 month warranty.

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