We try to make finding the best products, services and information for the safety and peace of mind of older adults as easy and friendly as possible. Our evaluation criteria for any product or service is simple - we have to be willing to recommend it to one of our own family members, patients or clients.

We've not only tested these products ourselves, we've observed and used them with clients, patients and family members in the real world - in their homes, residences and nursing facilities. We include the perspective of the older adult, family members, caregivers and professional healthcare providers in all of our assessments.

Our Team

Trisha Felgar

Trisha Felgar, Co-Founder. Trish loves working with older adults and family members! She received her degree in geriatrics and has worked with older adults for the last 20 years. Trish has worked as a geriatric care manager, director of an Alzheimer's unit and a recreational therapist in both home care and institutional settings. She has delivered speeches, designed training programs for professional caregivers and created Care Plans for hundreds, if not thousands, of families over the span of her career.

Trish helped create Seniorsafetyreviews.com to support and educate older adults and their family members on the resources available to help them age in place with dignity and comfort. She brings a compassionate, professional and real world perspective to all of our advice and recommendations.



Marc Felgar

Marc Felgar, Co-Founder. Marc is a serial entrepreneur. He loves creating online platforms that make it easier for consumers to make informed decisions.

Marc helped create Seniorsafetyreviews.com to help give voice to Trish's passion for seniors and to help make it easier for older adults and their family members to find the best products and services to help enhance their safety, pride and peace of mind.


Contact Information

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