10 Best Gifts For Seniors - Top Selling Gift Ideas of 2019



Best gifts for seniors

Finding the best gifts for seniors can be baffling. We're about to make your life a whole lot easier. We scoured the planet, turned over every rock, spoke to every expert and surveyed every senior - at least we tried! After all that, we found 10 of the best and most popular gift ideas for seniors in 2019 - perfect for any occasion!

1. Chipolo Tracking Device / Finder


Easily locate your lost keys, wallet, purse, phone, bag or anything else attached to your Chipolo Plus Gen 3, the loudest finder on the market! Fully waterproof and connected via blue tooth, simply ring the device through your phone and you'll find your lost item in seconds! At only $25 it's a steal of a deal!

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2. EZ Off Jar Opener

EZ Off Jar Opener

Opening a jar of jam, honey or peanut butter can be tough task for the strongest among us. If you've lost grip strength or have arthritis, getting an assist from a jar opener makes a world of difference. Our favorite jar opener is the EZ Off, because it’s durable, only requires one hand and works for all sizes. It also happened to get the best reviews on Amazon! At only $15.99 it's a steal.

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3. Road ID Bracelet

Road ID Bracelet

A super popular ID bracelet designed for people of all ages. Especially useful for seniors who may want to list their name, medical information and emergency contacts. The bracelet is completely waterproof, comes in multiple sizes with engraved messaging in easily readable large caps. The engraving and shipping take only 3-4 days, much faster than most competitors. At only $24.99, it's a great inexpensive, but high quality bracelet that can save a life, offer peace of mind and shows how much you care!

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4. Lighted Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glasses

One of the most popular gifts out there, seniors love this one. It's a magnifying glass, with an LED light. It helps seniors read the mail, coupons, pill bottles, newspapers and magazines, day and night! With two lenses it's perfect for every situation. Great for macular degeneration or anyone who needs a little magnification. At only $19.98, with two lenses at 5X and 10X the LED Magnifying Glass is a small gift with big impact!

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5. Motion Sensored Stick Anywhere Wall Light

OXY LED Motion Sensored Lights

Falling is the #1 cause sending seniors to the emergency room. Poor lighting in the bedroom, bathroom and hallway is a key cause of tripping and stumbling. Oxy LED motion sensored lights can be conveniently stuck onto any wall, whether you have an outlet or not - and light up a path from your bed to anywhere in your home. They detect motion from around 9 feet away. Batteries last for approximately 6 months. Great customer reviews. At $11.99 a light, it's one of the cheapest ways to brighten a home and make it a whole lot safer!

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6. Electric Razor

Philips Norelco Electric RasorPanasonic Electric Rasor

Using a blade with an unsteady hand is like playing Russian roulette with your skin. Getting a cut while on blood thinners can send you to the hospital. Seniors should definitely consider making the switch from a blade to an electric razor. An easier, faster and safer shave will also mean seniors will be more likely to shave more frequently, making them feel well kept and better about themselves.

The woman's cordless Panasonic electric razor is only $14.99 and has great customer reviews.

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7. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

How nice would it be to have your own personal assistant? Not all gifts for seniors have to be low tech! Seniors can now use Amazon's Echo Dot or Google Home to ask for a medication or appointment reminder, wake-up alarm, hands free phone call, call for an Uber, if a store is open, play music or read a book. These intelligent home systems are perfect for so many of the daily tasks seniors struggle with.

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8. Phones for Seniors

Jitterbug Cell Phones

Having a cell phone is a great way for seniors to stay safe and socially connected with friends and family. From calling to text, photos, email and daily games it can be a treasure trove of fun and usefulness. The challenge of course is that regular smart phones typically have smaller text and icons that most seniors can read. Jitterbug Smart has the largest fonts around and is also really simple to navigate. It even comes with the 5Star Emergency Response App and voice typing!

The Jitterbug flip phone is $99.99 and the Jitterbug smartphone is $149.99, plus your monthly fee, which can start as low as $5.00 a month for 50 minutes or $40 a month for unlimited talk, text and data!

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9. Fall Resistant Slippers

ACORN Women's Spa Wrap SlipperACORN Men's Moc Slipper

Wearing the wrong footwear is a big cause of tripping and falls among seniors. Slippers with low heels, thin, slip resistant soles and a backing on the heel to prevent the slipper from falling off are the keys to finding a safe slipper. Match those attributes with comfort and style and you have the perfect slipper. We've also tried to find slippers that are adjustable and machine washable - especially helpful for those with swollen feet and incontinence.

The above slippers from Acorn are sleek, comfy, machine washable, rubber soled and have a back to cover your heel - they also have great ratings and reviews!

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10. Emergency Medical Alert System & Fall Detection

Medical Guardian Classic Guardian


Get the peace of mind knowing that if your loved one falls, they can get help with the press of a button, and you'll be notified of any emergency. Medical alert systems have come a long way since the days of "I've fallen and can't get up". You can now get automated fall detection, GPS tracking, motion sensors and mobile coverage in and outside the home. Medical Guardian offers the fastest response times in the industry with some of the more advanced features available.

It comes in as low as $29.95 a month, a free month, free shipping, free activation, free equipment and free cancellation!

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Or, call (800) 880-4116 to learn more!


When finding the best gifts for seniors, it's great to think about what will make their life easier, safer and happier. But never forget that the easiest way to put a smile on a loved ones face is to spend quality time with them. Having them over for dinner, bringing them to your kids games, going for walks, giving them a call, just including them in the action will mean more to them than anything.

  1. Great ideas at a variety of price points!

  2. Nice ideas! I especially like the Chipolo Plus Gen 3. I always lose my keys!

  3. Very practical ideas but what about something like an autodotbiography which gives everyone the chance to create a beautifully written and lavishly illustrated book of their life story for their family. The treasure trove of their memories is the most precious gift for all the family. Great for Mother's Day.