Top 10 Gifts For Seniors With Dementia

Trisha Felgar

Gifts for Seniors With Dementia

If you have to get a gift for someone with early stage dementia or alzheimer's, we've put together a great list of items that can help your loved ones remember things, help with everyday tasks and help keep them engaged and entertained.

The right gift for someone with early stage dementia can help them manage their daily functions and keep them happy. Whether you get one, two or three of these items for a gift, know that you could be making a big difference.

Top 10 Gifts For Seniors Dementia

1. Phone With Picture Key Pad

phone picture key pad

Remove the difficulty of remembering and finding phone numbers. With large, easy to press buttons, these phones allow your loved one to speed dial friends and family by recognizing familiar faces. One of the most popular gifts for seniors with dementia.

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2. Simple Music Player - MP3 Music Box


Music Player


Pre-load as many as 1,000 of your loved ones favorite music. 3 very simple controls - on, off, next track - make it easy to use.You can preset volume control on the bottom of the device. Upload music easily through USB cable.

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3. Recordable Alarm Clock

Hello Reminder Rosie

Reminder Rosie allows you to program up to 25 alarms in your loved one's voice or your own! Invented to help those with Alzheimer's and Dementia, Reminder Rosie helps loved one's remember medications and daily tasks throughout the day and night.

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4. Day Clocks

SVINZ Alarm Clock Alzheimers

More than just a day clock that tells the time and date in large font, the new DayClocks tablet allows loved ones to upload pictures, reminders and simple hello's to help keep parents in the loop and avoid isolation.

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5. Talking Photo Album

gifts for dementia patients

Bring your memories back to life! Record a separate message on each page of the album. 20 pages of photographs. Each message can be recorded for up to 18 seconds per page. Comes with a built in speaker and hard back cover. One of the most recommended gifts for seniors with dementia.

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6. Scrapbook

Scrapbook gift

Creating a scrap book of memories, including photos, mementos, certificates, diplomas, keep safes and more can be a beautiful project to do with your loved one and a wonderful thing to browse through on visits.

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7. Road ID Bracelet

RoadID Bracelet Gift

No matter where your loved one is, make sure they're safe in the event of an emergency. ROAD ID bracelets allow you to type in name, medical conditions, medications and emergency contact information - 5 lines of engraving, 36 characters per line. One of the "must have" products for people with dementia.

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8. Tile Finders

tile finderDid you or your loved one forget where you put your purse, keys, wallet, Ipad or phone? No problem. Simply tap a button on your smart phone and your tile will ring nearby. Tiles are as thin as 2 credit cards. This 4 pack comes with different sizes. Attach to a key chain, slide into a wallet or simply drop it in your purse!

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9. Magnetic Dry Erase Fridge Calendar

Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar

Help your loved one remember appointments, events and daily tasks with a magnetic dry erase calendar. Write in medication reminders, get together's with friends, medical appointments, favorite TV shows, birthdays and daily tasks!

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