The Best Products for Epilepsy and Seizures


No matter your age, epilepsy is a challenge that impacts every facet of your life. Like a hanging dark cloud, the fear of a sudden onset seizure, and the associated danger of a fall, can be debilitating. And with good reason.

The products below are designed to help those with epilepsy live more safely, avoiding some of the worst dangers of having a sudden seizure attack at an inopportune time or location. They don't get rid of seizures, but they can help us live with them a little more safely.

Products and Equipment for Those Living With Epilepsy

Mobile Medical Alert Systems

Medical Guardian Product

Mobile medical alert systems with automated fall detection and GPS can offer an added layer of security and independence, both in and outside the home, to those at risk of seizures. No matter where you are, if you have a fall, a medical alert device worn around your neck will detect the fall, call emergency services, and be able to locate you immediately.


Medicalert bracelet

MedicaAlert is the silver bracelet worn around your wrist to notify emergency responders of any medications you're taking or allergies or health conditions you may have. When emergency responders arrive on scene and see the bracelet, they can call medicalert and they'll be notified of your conditions and your family will be called.

Medication Reminders

Hero Pill Dispenser

Whether you're looking for a simple alarm to remind you to take your pills, an alarm integrated with a pill box, or a medication reminder integrated with a pill dispenser, there are no shortage of options. You can go to for a variety of options or to a company like Hero Health which offers automated pill dispensers, with reminders.

Protective Gear

Ribcap headgear

Sometimes, despite taking the best precautions and medications, we still can't avoid an accidental fall resulting from a seizure or spasm. In the vent of frequent falls, you may want to consider protective headgear to avoid concussions and skull fractures. Older adults can even consider hip protection, to avoid a broken hip, of which falls are the leading cause.

Seizure Alarms

Seizure sensor

In many cases, you can have a seizure while sitting or lying down, in which case your fall detector would never get triggered, and help never called. Seizure alarms, are intended to call for help whenever a seizure is detected, whether it's a tonic, clonic or partial seizure or myoclonic jerking. Moreover, there are alarms designed for the minutest of movements within kids, as well as those for adults.