Hero Medication Dispenser Review

Trish Trisha Felgar

Hero Pill Dispenser

Managing medications is difficult. Whether you're caring for someone who's as sharp as a tac or not, keeping track of which medications to take and when can be very, very challenging.

That's where the Hero medication dispenser comes into play. It's an automated pill dispenser, organizer, reminder, app and overall medication manager. We found it simple to set-up, easy to use and it did a great job simplifying an otherwise highly complex pill taking regimen.

We especially love that the machine itself automatically sorts medications for an entire month, no presorting required - freeing up the responsibility from caregivers to do it manually.

We also like the new pricing structure. It's $29.99 a month, with a $99.99 initiation fee and comes with a free 30 day trial. The risk free trial is a great opportunity to give it a try and see if it makes a difference in your life. If not, just send it back - return shipping is paid for by Hero.

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Hero Medication Dispenser Review

Hero Medication Dispenser


The Hero app will guide you through the set-up with a very simple set of step by step instructions that will help you add each medication and its schedule. It will also guide you through physically adding each medication to the dispenser itself. Each pills gets placed into its own container.

We found the set-up very simple, (we had three different folks give it a shot, including my 13 year old son). However, if you have any difficulty, you can call Hero's 24X7 help desk. Which we also tested. We found the staff we spoke with very patient and helpful.

Hero Medication Dispenser Containers

Automated Pill Organizer

We love the pill organization system. It's simple. The system can store up to 10 medications, with up to 90 pills per medication. You organize which pills to take, how many and at what times from the mobile app. All you have to do is poor each pill into their own container within the Hero, and the Hero dispenses the appropriate combination of pills based on the inputted schedule.

Medication Dispenser

We also like the automated pill dispenser itself. Hero dispenses the combination of pills for any given dose into an easily removed cup with a large mouth and no cover, making it easy to either pick out pills one at a time or pour them into your hand. Either way we find it better than many other systems that either require users to turn the entire dispenser upside down, fish out pills from a small little container or remove covers from single dose plastic cups.

Medication Reminder

The Hero reminds you to take your medications through a flashing light, a programmable alarm, text message or a phone call. Users then press the large, easy to use button on the dispenser, and the pills are then dispensed into an easy to handle cup.

Caregiver Alerts

Hero Mobile App

In the event a user does not press the dispensing button within an hour of when they are supposed to, caregivers will then be notified

via text of the missed dosage. You can have as many caregivers notified as you like, which is great when multiple family members are helping out.

Caregiver Management

The Hero also makes it easy for caregivers to monitor their loved one's compliance and adherence to their medication regimen. You can see which pills they took on time, were late taking or skipped all together. The hero will also send you advanced notifications when pills are running low and need to be refilled.

Medication Management

The Hero will also let you know if there are any conflicts with the medications you've entered into the app. This can be a good fail safe to use in addition to your doctor and pharmacist, providing an extra layer of protection for potential harmful medication conflicts. Second, it notifies caregivers when more pills need to be added. Third, it notifies caregivers when medications are expired.

Automatic Prescription Refill

Hero also offers a prescription refill service, which will automatically refill prescriptions and send them to your house when it detects the system is running low a specific medication. That's a great service to help users and caregivers ensure prescriptions are getting refilled on time.

Hero Medication Dispenser Cost

Hero is only $29.99 a month. But what we really like is that there's a 30 day risk free trial. Give it a shot, if you don't like it, you can return it, and Hero pays for the return. Why not give it a try? It's completely free.

After the 30 day free trial, you're in a one year contract, however after that you can cancel at any time. Seems reasonable to us.

  • $99.99 initial fee
  • $29.99 monthly fee
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Free trial
  • Free Prescription delivery service (optional)


Here's a summary of our Hero medication dispenser review and what we like about it:

  • It's easy to program the medication schedule from the app.
  • The machine automatically organizes the pills, no need to manually sort pills per dose before loading the machine.
  • It's easy to retrieve medications from the dispenser cup.
  • Accepts all different sized pills and shapes.
  • Lots of reminders (flashing lights, alarm, text & phone), with notification to as many caregivers as you want in the event of a missed dosage.
  • Great app for caregivers to manage medication regimen, get refill notifications, expiry notifications and review users compliance history.
  • The prescription delivery service can also be very handy for users and caregivers.
  • The 30 day free trial.

We highly recommend giving the Hero medication dispenser a try if you find your medication regimen difficult to manage. It's not cheap, but it's a far less expensive alternative than private care or an assisted living community. Plus with a 30 day risk free trial, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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