95 Coolest Gadgets for Seniors


There are so many new and exciting gadgets designed to make aging easier, more comfortable and happier. We're really excited to bring this list to you and hope you find it helpful. It's a great way to brainstorm and get ideas to help solve a problem for you, a spouse, parent, grandparent, friend or sibling.

We'll keep the list up to date. That said, we'll do an even better job with your help, so let us know your experience with any of these products or if you have any other ideas you think should be added to the list. We love hearing from our readers!

List of Great Gadgets for Seniors

1. Smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home

2. Remote car starters

3. Video phone calls (facetime, whatsapp, messenger)

4. Uber or Lyft

5. Smart thermostats (Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell)

6. Smart video doorbells (Ring, Nest)

7. Home security cameras (Ring, Nest, Simplicam, Arlo)

8. Home security system (Ring, Simplisafe, Vivant, Wyze)

9. Carbon monoxide alarm

10. Smoke detectors

11. Keyless door entry

12. Automated window blinds

13. Roomba vacuum cleaners

14. Motion sensored sink taps

15. Microwave ovens

16. Electric slow cookers

17. Automated toilet lift seat - rises and lowers automatically (Neptune toilet lift)

18. Electronic bidet toilet seats (Toto, Saniwise, Brondell)

19. Life alert medical alert systems with help button (see review)

20. Medical alert system with fall detection (see review and comparison)

21. Mobile Medical alert system with GPS

22. Smartwatch with medical alert

23. Shower alarm button

24. Medication reminders (see selection)

25. Pill boxes / organizers

26. Medication management app

27. Automated medication dispensers

28. Pill crusher for easier swallowing

29. Reachers or grabbers

30. Jar openers

31. Finder for keys, wallets and phone (Tile Mate)

32. Online Password managers (Keeper, Dashlane)

33. ID theft protection (compare)

34. Online anti-virus protection (Kaspersky, Norton, Avast)

35. Grab bars

36. Walk-in bathtub (see list of manufacturers and ratings here)

37. Shower seat

38. Curbless shower

39. Toilet safety rails

40. Automatic stove shut off (iGuard)

41. Gas stove safety knobs (Jool Baby)

42. Non-slip shower / bath mat (Gorilla)

43. Non-slip bathroom rug

44. Non-slip transparent stair strips (Eden)

45. Motion sensored night lights

46. Motion sensored closet lights

47. Extra large vision impaired clock

48. Extra large button landline phone

49. Extra large button and simple menu cell phones

50. Memory Picture Button Phone

51. Invisible cabinet locks for dementia

52. Refrigerator locks for dementia

53. Electric can opener

54. Electric kettle

55. Lever door and cabinet handles - instead of knobs

56. Lighted magnifying glass

57. Electric razors

58. Fall resistant slippers

59. Slip resistant socks

60. Oversized key grips

61. Oversized nail clippers

62. Clip on book light

63. Big button TV remote

64. Lock box

65. Medical Records Book Organizer (My Doctor Book)

66. Prepared meals

67. Heated throw blanket

68. Electric toothbrush

69. Magic bullet blender

70. Bed Rail (EZ Adjustable Bed Rail)

71. Lamp switch turner

72. Medical Identification Bracelet

73. Extended shoe horn

74. Folding shopping carts

75. Zipper pull assistant

76. button hook assistant

77. No tie shoe laces

78. Sock pull assistant

79. Delivery for groceries, pharmacies and restaurants

80. Playing card holder

81. Blood pressure monitor

82. Doorbell flashing light signaler (Sonic Alert)

83. Talking fever thermometer

84. Cane tips for ice

85. Crampons for snow and ice

86. Telehealth

87. Inter-generational companionship (Papa)

88. Online dating services for seniors

89. Virtual reality for seniors (Rendever)

90. Bed Step

91. Food choppers

92. Books on tape for visually impaired

93. Thick handle eating utensils

94. Cup drinking aid (Halo cup)

95. Pull-down shelving

Whether your caring for your parents or looking after yourself, there's no shortage of challenges to solve for those who are aging. From issues related to safety, security, mobility, comfort, health, vision, hearing, accessibility and countless others, the issues are nearly endless. We hope our list either solved a problem or sparked some fresh ideas to help make your life easier.