A Guide To Walk-in Tub Prices - Don't Get Fooled

Trisha Felgar

Walk-in Tub Prices

Comparing walk-in tub prices and features can be head scratching, to say the least. Many companies purposefully make it difficult to find their prices and use high pressure sales tactics to manipulate seniors. We're here to shed some light and make sure you don't get rushed into a decision and don't get fooled into paying more than you have to.

Average Range of Walk-in Tub Prices

Walk-in Tub Types Price Range Installation Price Range Plumbing & Electrical Costs (as necessary) Needs
Walk-in Soaking Tub $1,600-$5,300 $750-$3,000 $1,300-$4,000 Independence & Safety
Hydro - Jacuzzi Tub (Water Jets) $2,800-$6,400 $750-$3,000 $1,300-$4,000 Independence, Safety & Therapy
Air Tub (Air Jets) $3,700-$7,000 $750-$3,000 $1,300-$4,000 Independence, Safety & Therapy
Hydro-Air Combo Tub $4,500-$8,200 $750-$3,000 $1,300-$4,000 Independence, Safety & Therapy
Handicap Walk-in Tub $3,100-$6,900 $750-$3,000 $1,300-$4,000 Independence & Safety

As you can see from the above, the total cost of walk-in tubs are comprised of three components. The cost of the walk-in tub itself, installation costs and any plumbing or electrical work that needs to get upgraded, like a new hot water talk or circuit.

Walk-in tub prices alone can range from $1,600 to over $12,000. According to two walk-in tub manufacturers we spoke to, they estimated their average customer pays around $2,500 to $3,500 in installation and upgrade work.

That brings us to an average total cost range between $4,000-$15,000 for most fully installed walk-in tubs, depending on the tub you choose and the scope of plumbing and electrical work required for installation. We have recommendations on where to get reasonably priced quotes in the next paragraph.

Get A Free Consultation Before Making A Purchase

We highly recommend you get at least two quotes from reputable walk-in tub brands or stores. Quotes are easy and free. Call to get a free consultation with a company like Ella's Bubbles (800 985-8922) or Home Depot home services. There is no cost or obligation for a free quote from either company - it's a great place to start.

By the way, stay away from companies that won't give you a price range over the phone - they often use the high pressured sales practice of only providing you a quote once they're in you're home and they tend to be SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than either of the options above.

Factors That Affect Walk-in Tub Prices

There's a lot that goes into the cost of a walk-in tub. However, the features that affect the cost of a walk-in tub most are:

  • Walk-in tub type: You can choose from a basic soaking tub, that has the same functionality as a regular bathtub, to a hydro tub with water jets, air tub with air jets or a combination hydro-air tub, each getting a little more expensive than the previous.
  • Walk-in tub features: At a minimum, we recommend any walk-in tub you get have non-slip floors, grab bars and 17 inch high seats. We also recommend it fill-up and drain quickly. Other than that, optional features include:
    • Number of air jets
    • Number of water jets
    • Heated seats
    • Hand held shower head
    • Electronic versus mechanical controls
    • Remote control
    • Mold resistant gel coating
    • Aromatherpay (scent)
    • Chromatherpay (colored lighting)
  • Walk-in tub size: Size doesn't make a huge difference in price, but it does add a few hundred dollars to go from a 52 inch tub to a 60 inch tub.

Walk-in Tub Installation Costs

Most walk-in tubs require professional installation for the warranty to be valid. A plumber will typically cost anywhere from $65 to $200 an hour depending on your location. A basic walk-in tub installation can usually be done in 1 day (8 hours) (assuming no major electrical or plumbing work) for a total cost of $750 to $1,600. If your walk-in tub has water or air jets, it will need to have its motor set-up and hooked-up electrically, which will take a little longer and could stretch the installation costs to $3,000.

Plumbing and Electrical Costs of Walk-in Tubs

Some homes need new hot water tanks, bigger pipes, upgraded electrical circuits and grounding to accommodate certain walk-in tubs. Costs for each may run as follows:

  • Quick Draining and Quick Filling:
    • In order for your tub to fill your walk-in tub as quickly as possible, you may need to increase the diameter of your pipes. Likewise, if you want it to drain as quickly as possible, you may need to increase the diameter of the drain pipes. This can be a major job, costing $4,000 or more.
  • Hot Water:
    • Hot Water Tanks: Most regular sized walk-in tubs require a hot water tank of at least 50 gallons. A new tank can cost anywhere from $800 to $2,000 for the tank and labor.
    • Tankless Hot Water Heater: You can also get a tankless hot water heater, which can run you closer to $3,000 for the hardware and labor.
  • Electrical:
    • If you buy a walk-in tub with air jets, water jets or an electric drain pump, it will require its own circuit and grounding. This may require you to upgrade your circuit, which could involve labor and hardware costs of $1,000 or more.

Don't Get Fooled Into Paying More Than You Should

Some walk-in tub companies are notoriously bad actors. They are not transparent with their prices, don't include all installation costs in their quotes and use high pressure sales tactics. We have a few suggestions to help you weed out the good from the bad:

  • Get multiple quotes - Politely let those quoting you know you're getting multiple quotes
  • Get a quote guarantee - Ask for a written guarantee that the final price won't be any more expensive than the quote
  • Review the quote - Make sure you understand if the quote includes all plumbing and electrical upgrades
  • Look for a warranty - Ask for a parts and labor lifetime warranty
  • Ask for a discount - Ask for any applicable discounts, after you received their quote


The most important conclusion you should draw from the advice above, is to make sure your final quote includes the cost of the walk-in tub and ALL installation costs, plumbing and electrical work.

We figure the best way to do that is to get multiple quotes from REPUTABLE and TRUSTWORTHY brands that sell walk-in tubs, like American Standard, Home Depot or Lowe's that back up their work with robust lifetime warranties.


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