Our 7 Favourite Tips To Make Your Home Arthritis Friendly


Changes in Home for Arthritis

If you're over 65, chances are you've experienced some sort of arthritis in the last few years. In fact, according to the CDC, your chances are 1 in 2, or 50%. The effects can be devastating, with chronic pain and stiffness making it difficult to walk, open a jar of jam, turn a door knob or get our of bed.

So we decided it might be helpful to list some of the products and home modifications you can make to your home to make it easier to live in, if arthritis is a new normal for you.

Change Water Taps in the Bathroom and Kitchen

Having arthritis in your hands can make turning the water on and off exceptionally hard. To make things easier, change your taps so that they are motion sensored. How nice would that be?

Say Goodbye to Toilet Paper

Say what? That's right. Add automatic bidet toilets and wash with water instead of toilet paper hands free! Arthritis can make it difficult to navigate our privates and research has shown that automatic bidet toilets have dramatically improved hygiene and reduced yeast infections for older women.

Change Your Door Knobs

Round door knobs are actually hard to open if you have arthritis in your finger joints and hands. They require you to wrap your fingers around the knob and pronate your wrists, both of which can be hard to do if you have arthritis in your finger joints.

A far easier alternative are lever handles. They open the door by simply pushing down and you can close a door more easily by wrapping one finger around the lever and pulling.

Change Your Locks

Perhaps the most challenging daily task older adults suffering from arthritis in their hands have, is using a key to unlock their front door and get in their homes. Not only does it require dexterity, it also requires grip strength, neither of which are in high supply with arthritis. The solution is simple, keyless entry door locks. Just like with modern cars, the key fob, parked in your purse or pocket, will automatically unlock your front door, hands free.

Get Smart With Lighting

When someone has difficulty walking, taking a detour to turn the lights on can be a task and a half. Moreover, if someone has difficulty walking in the first place, just walking in the dark to turn the lights on can be a hazard. The solution? Motion sensored lighting, or smart lighting that can be turned on with a voice command through Google home or Amazon Alexa.

Automatic Fall Detection

Having arthritis in your hips, knees or feet can contribute to accidental falls. Falls are the number one cause of injury related deaths to adults over the age of 65 in the United States. To help preserve your independence and give you peace of mind, consider getting a medical alert system with automatic fall detection, so that if you fall, help will come even if you don't have the dexterity to press the emergency button and call for help yourself.

Say Goodbye to the TV Remote

The TV remote was certainly one of the top convenience inventions of the 20th century. But the 21st century has brought an even more convenient way to change the channel, voice! Once again, using Google home or Alexa, you can ask simply say "Alexa, please turn the TV to channel 5" and it's done for you. Wow. No more fumbling around on small buttons, endless searches behind pillows or replacing dead batteries.




  1. I have the lever type handles all through the house. Makes it easier for me and also my cat./ He can't stand a closed door. So he hasn't figured out the door to the garage since it is heavier.

    • Hi Carole,

      Lever handles are a big help over knobs that need to be turned. Glad your cat is enjoying it too!


      SeniorSafetyReviews Staff