Fall Prevention Questionnaire - Take The Test!


Fall Prevention Test

Protecting your parents from falling should probably be one of your first priorities. Firstly, because falling causes more fatalities and sends more seniors to the hospital than any other injury. Secondly, because it's the most preventable of ALL serious injuries to seniors.

So, how much do you know about fall prevention? Let's test your knowledge (the answer key is at the bottom of the page. Some questions have more than one answer):

1. Which footwear is the safest?

  1. Slide-in slippers
  2. Flip flops
  3. High-heels
  4. Non-skid sneakers

2. What clothing increases the risk of falling?

  1. Pants that go below your ankles
  2. Dresses that go below your ankles
  3. Pants with large pockets
  4. Bathrobes that go below your ankles

3. What should you do if a heavy item is out of reach?

  1. Use a step ladder
  2. Climb on your tippie toes
  3. Use a reacher
  4. Wait and call someone for help

4. What type of exercise is proven to reduce falls in older adults?

  1. Sit-ups
  2. Barbell curls
  3. Push-ups
  4. Tai Chi

5. What can you do if you fall and cannot get up?

  1. Scream for help
  2. Ring a bell
  3. Press your life alert button

6. What is the safest way to put on a pair of pants?

  1. Standing, putting on one foot at a time
  2. Standing, with one hand on a chair or desk
  3. Sitting down, putting on one leg at a time

7. What is the safest way to take a shower?

  1. Standing, washing your hair with your eyes closed
  2. Sitting on the bathtub floor, washing your hair with your eyes closed
  3. Sitting on a shower bench, washing your hair with your eyes closed

8. Which of these is a risk factor for falls?

  1. Watching too much TV
  2. Fear of falling
  3. Taking your medicine as prescribed

9. If you fall and get up without injuring yourself, what should you do next?

  1. Keep it to yourself and don't worry anyone
  2. Relax and watch some television
  3. Schedule an appointment with your doctor

10. What can you add to your bathroom to make it safer?

  1. Add a throw rug in front of your sink
  2. Add grab bars by toilet and shower
  3. Wax your floor tiles
  4. Add a non-slip mat to your bathtub or shower floor
  5. Add a raised toilet seat

11. Which of the following is not a fall risk?

  1. Poor lighting in the home
  2. Rushing to answer the telephone
  3. Keeping those beautiful Persian carpets
  4. Using grab bars in the bathroom

12. Which check-ups can help prevent falls?

  1. Annual vision check-up
  2. Annual hearing check-up
  3. Annual dental check-up

13. Which chairs are unsafe?

  1. Chair with four legs and back support
  2. Chair with wheels
  3. Bar stools
  4. Swivel chairs

14. How can you increase the safety of stairways?

  1. Add lighting
  2. Add light switch at top and bottom of the stairs
  3. Add railings on both sides of the stairs
  4. Use non-skid contrasting tape on non-carpeted stairs

15. What can you do to make your hallway safer from falls?

  1. Remove clutter
  2. Remove pictures
  3. Remove lighting

Answer Key:

1) d. 2) a. b. & d. 3) d. 4) d. 5) c. 6) c. 7) c. 8) b. 9) c. 10) b. d. & e. 11) d. 12) a. & b. 13) b. c. & d. 14) a. b. c. & d. 15) a.