The Best Medical Alert Systems For Seniors 2018

Whether you fear a fall or a medical emergency, there's no better way to secure your independence, safety and peace of mind than with a medical alert system. This is especially true if you live alone. Compare the best medical alert systems to help you or your loved one live an independent lifestyle with confidence. Get 24 hour protection for less than a dollar a day!

Best Medical Alert Systems for Seniors 2018

Best Medical Alert System For Use In The Home

Medical Guardian Medical Alert System
Outstanding 9.9 Image result for thumbs up

  • Most Popular Choice
  • Special Memorial Day sale - 2 months free! (Promo Code Memorial18, Ends May 28, 2018)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No long-term contracts
  • Price lock guarantee and lifetime warranty
  • Free equipment, activation & shipping
  • Free spouse protection
  • 1,300 ft button range & 72 hour backup battery
  • UL and CSAA Five Diamond certified monitoring centers

Why It's a Winner:
When evaluating the best medical alert system for use in your home, the most important features that distinguish one system from another are range, emergency response times, service levels, dependability of equipment, ease of use and affordability - Medical Guardian does superb in all categories. 
Medical Guardian offers the longest talking range between the base station and the alert button in the industry of 1,300 feet – the length 3 football fields. But what we love most, are Medical Guardian's emergency response times, which tested up to four times faster than many competitors - when seconds count, this is the feature that stands out.

phone icon(800) 942-1829


Best Mobile Medical Alert System With Fall Detection & GPS

Philips Lifeline Medical Alert SystemImage result for 4.5 star rating
Excellent 9.5 

  • Most Recommended By Professionals
  • Free activation & shipping (have to call and ask for it to be waived)
  • Mobile system for use outside the home
  • 3 different fall detection sensors
  • 5 GPS locating technologies

Why It's a Winner:
Even if you fall and can't push your button, Philips Lifeline's GoSafe 2 will send help no matter where you are.
 It has a fantastic all-in-one pendant that integrates the mobile help button, two way voice communicator, fall detector and GPS locator into one slim, comfortable device. Its fall detector detects falls better than any system we've tested, without as many false alarms. Perhaps most importantly, GoSafe 2 uses more than 5 GPS locating technologies to make sure that even if the cellular reception is poor, Lifeline will be able to send emergency responders to within 5 feet of your location whether you're indoors or outside your home.

phone icon(855) 410-3191


Best Medical Alert System With Daily Check-In & Reminders

LifeFone Medical Alert SystemImage result for 4.5 star rating
Excellent 9

  • Special sale - free month of service
  • Free equipment & free activation
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • Daily check-in phone service & medication reminders

Why It's a Winner:
Sometimes waiting for the press of an emergency button is too little, too late. Many people want to pro-actively check-up on their loved one to ensure they're ok. However, not everybody has the time. That's where a daily check-in phone service comes in handy. Let trained staff give your loved one a call and let you know if there's a situation that needs your attention. LifeFone Medical Alert Systems is one of the only medical alert companies we know of that offers a dailycheck-in service. However, they're the only one we know of that also offers daily medication reminders if you instruct them to do so. Some of the best medical alert systems overall.

phone icon(844) 263-7216


Best Mobile Medical Alert System On A Budget

GreatCall Lively Mobile Medical Alert CompanyImage result for 4 star rating
Very Good 8.9

  • Free shipping
  • No long term contract
  • Access to nurses & doctors
  • NAED Certified agents

Why It's a Winner:
Press your pendant with a mobile medical alert system and emergency responders will be sent to your exact location within minutes no matter where you are - parking garage, remote park or your back yard. If you don't need a mobile alert system with fall detection, we recommend Great Call Lively Mobile's basic plan. Ihas reliable cellular coverage through Verizon and one of the fastest call center response times in the industry. Great Call Lively also comes with low monthly subscription costs, but be aware that, unlike the other systems mentioned in our ranking, you will have to pay an upfront fee to purchase the hardware for $37.49.

Image result for phone icon (866) 829-4527


MobileHelp Medical Alert CompanyImage result for 4 star rating
Very Good 8.5

  • Special sale - 1 month free!
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free equipment, activation & shipping
  • Includes 2 free help buttons

MobileHelp actually manufactures the medical alert systems used by many of its competitors. They currently offer solid product with very attractive customer offers. One thing we like about MobileHelp is that their cellular emergency response system for indoor use comes with a programmable medication reminder. You might be asking why MobileHelp didn't crack our best medical alert list, there are 3 reasons: The mobile device is separate from the mobile pendant, which means you have to carry two devices with you outside your home. The fall detection unit is separate from the mobile device, which means you have to carry a separate fall button. Lastly, the mobile unit is not waterproof, a risk for outdoor use.

phone icon(800) 920-1745


Lifestation Medical Alert SystemImage result for 4 star rating
Very Good 8.5

  • 5 day battery life
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free equipment, activation & shipping
  • Under $1 a day

LifeStation does not outsource or offshore its monitoring service. All its care specialists are trained according to industry best practices. You're able to create a personalized emergency action plan, whereby emergency services, family, friends or caregivers will be contacted in the order you requested. One care specialist will always stay on the line with you, while another contacts emergency services. With LifeStation's AlertMessage, caregivers will receive automatic email notification whenever their loved one's help button is pressed.

phone icon(855) 622-5040


MedicalAlert Medical Alert CompanyImage result for 4 star rating
Very Good 8

  • Free shipping & activation
  • Free month
  • Free 2nd button
  • 30-day money-back guarantee                                                                                       

MedicalAlert offers medical alert systems for all situations - whether you're looking to protect yourself or a loved one from falls or medical emergencies, in or outside the home. It offers excellent programs for caregivers, with remote location monitoring for its mobile medical alert systems, so family members can see where their loved one is at all times. In addition, caregivers are automatically notified when the help button is pressed and called in the event of an emergency.

phone icon(800) 800-0594


Are Medical Alert Systems Right For You?

If you or a loved one live alone and you're at risk of falling or having a medical emergency, a medical alert system could be a helpful solution for you. With the simple push of a button, help is on the way. Even if you still have an active lifestyle outside your home, medical alert systems with GPS and fall detection technology can send help no matter where you are, even if you haven't pressed the help button. 

For people who want to live independently, in their own home for as long as possible, medical alert systems can be the extra set of security and peace of mind needed.

Here are some of the top reasons a medical alert system might be right for you:

  • You live alone or spend several hours a day alone;
  • You have a medical condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, seizures, severe dizziness, strokes, chronic heart failure, arthritis or vertigo requiring access to help at any given moment;
  • You have mobility issues or use a cane, walker or wheelchair resulting in imbalance and history or fear of falling or getting "stuck";
  • You don't want a caregiver by your side 24 hours a day or can't afford one;
  • You don't want to always be asking people you know for help or assistance. Would feel more comfortable asking a third party.

Benefits of Medical Alert Systems

The best medical alert systems will provide you the following benefits:

  • They let you live safely and independently in your own home;
  • They allow you to venture outside your home with mobile protection;
  • They provide family and friends with peace of mind - they don't have to worry about you being alone;
  • Good medical alert systems are waterproof, so you can get protection in the shower or bath - where most falls happen;
  • Help is always within reach and easy to press even in the confusion of a medical emergency;
  • Even if you can't call for help, if a fall is detected, help will be sent to you;
  • You get connected quickly to well trained emergency personnel who contact family members, caregivers and/or emergency personnel depending on the situation and the protocol on file;
  • Personal information such as medical conditions, allergies, medications and personal needs are kept on record by the medical alert company and communicated to emergency responders.  

What To Look For In Medical Alert Systems

If you plan on getting a medical alert system, how do you choose? With such a wide selection of plans, features, services and companies determining which is best for you can seem overwhelming. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the best medical alert system for you.

1. Do you need a home-based or mobile system?

Medical alert systems used to be designed to only work inside your home with a telephone landline. It's still the most popular option, because it doesn't require the help button to be recharged and it tends to be the most affordable.

If you only need your system to work inside your home, because you're rarely outside your home alone, an in home system is all you'll need. If you don't have a landline that's fine, most medical alert companies offer a cellular based system. The base station connects to the monitoring centre via a cellular network, and your help button connects to the base station.

However, if you're an active older adult, and you spend quite a bit of time outside your home alone, whether it be going for walks, bike rides or driving, you might want to consider a mobile medical alert system. Mobile medical alert systems connect to the monitoring station over the wireless network directly through the help button. When you press it, even if you're unable to talk, the monitoring service can locate you via GPS and send emergency personnel or a family member as needed. 

2. Do you need fall detection?

Some people worry that if they fall and lose consciousnesses they won't be able to push the button to get help. If this is a concern, or if you suffer from episodes of fainting or blackouts, a medical alert systems with automated fall detection may be a great solution for you. If the system detects a sudden drop, it automatically dials agents at the monitoring center, even if you don't press the help button.

Just remember that no fall detection system detects 100% of falls. Moreover, some of the older fall detection technology has a high rate of false positives, meaning when you sit down abruptly, it may trigger the alarm. It's not the end of the world, but if it happens often, it can be very inconvenient.

3. Can you just use your cell phone?

The problem with cell phones are that you don't always have them on you (especially in your house), you can't bring them in the shower, and in a time of emergency (and panic), they're not as simple to use as a one button pendent to get help. Practically speaking, people also often run out of batteries on their cell phones, or have them tethered to a charger indoors. You need to have the help button secured to your body at all times, in the event of a fall in the shower, down the stairs or a stumble on the carpet.

Buying Tips

1. Call for best pricing

One word of advice before you make a purchase. Call the medical alert company to get the best deal possible. We've found that many medical alert companies give better offers over the phone than on the internet. You may want to ask what they can do for you if you make a purchase on the spot i.e. extra free month, free pendent, free lock box, etc...

2. Check return policies

You may find that you don't like using a medical alert system, you didn't like the specific device or company you selected, or you decided to move into a facility and no longer need the system. We highly recommend you get a system with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try before your committed. Even then, we'd recommend you get a system without a long term contract and no cancellation fees. Even if you select the annual plan to get discounted pricing, make sure that if you cancel mid year, you get the balance of the year refunded.

3. Look For Free Spousal Coverage

Some medical alert companies include a second pendent and allow a second user free of charge. If you're caring for two, this is a great way to provide peace of mind for the entire family at a more reasonable rate.

4. Avoid Hidden Fees

Look out for activation, shipping, cellular and cancellation fees that may be hidden in the fine print. Some of the biggest names in the industry, are in our opinion, the least transparent. For example, Life Alert doesn't let you cancel your subscription for 3 years. So if you don't end up wearing the system, and want to return it, you're stuck. None of the systems we've recommended above have long term contracts.

ADT advertises no shipping or activation fees. However, if you pay monthly, as opposed to annually or quarterly, you're charged a $9.99 shipping fee and a $29.99 activation fee - which is not clearly shown on their website. We had to call to learn about the fine print.


With so many options, finding the right medical alert system can be challenging. Our rankings, reviews and trusted advice will help you find the right solution for you. 

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