The Best Medical Alert Systems For Seniors 2018

Best Medical Alert Systems

Are you looking for help in the event of a fall or a medical emergency? Medical alert systems are the perfect way to give seniors and their loved ones the security and peace of mind that help is only a press of a button away.

With so many new and exciting medical alert technologies developed for 2018, choosing a medical alert system can be overwhelming. That's why people trust the advice of to help them find the best medical alert system for their individual needs.

We researched over 35 of the top medical alert systems in the market. We're confident our methodology and the criteria we used to make our selections for the best medical alert systems for 2018 reflect what's most important to our readers: excellent technology, reliable service, total transparency and honest pricing.

Rankings of the Best Medical Alert Systems

Best Medical Alert System For In The Home

Medical Guardian Classic >

If you have a landline and you need a medical alert system in your home, the Medical Guardian Classic is our favorite system out there.

Medical Guardian has been our top choice for 2 consecutive years now. They make it easy to order, simple to install and their service is stellar. Their customer reviews and testimonials are excellent. Prices start at $29.95 a month, with no long term contracts to fear.

Why We Love It:

Top Speed: What sets Medical Guardian apart is how fast its monitoring center responds to emergencies - a super quick 25 seconds - twice as fast as many of its top competitors!

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Best Range: At a range of 1,300 feet, the emergency pendent works from over 3 football fields away from the base station! Most other medical alert systems have a range of 600 feet or less.

Transparent Contracts: We only recommend companies that have consumer friendly contracts. Medical Guardian offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and free cancellation. So you're free to try - refreshing.

Customer Friendly: The product is easy to use and a snap to set-up. Staff are eager to help. Customers can press their pendent for any reason and they'll get a friendly response. Reviews are great.

Free Spouse: Spouses can use the service as well, completely free. Many companies charge spouses as an extra customer.

Customer Feedback:

"Delivered system as promised. Extremely easy to set up. Very simple to use."

"3rd day fell and couldn't get up. Pressed my wrist alert and within 10 min medical personnel was there. Very happy with the service!"

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Best Medical Alert System In the Home & On the Go With Fall Detection

Philips Lifeline GoSafe 2 >

Philips Lifeline is the #1 selling medical alert company in the world with over 7 million customers served. It's recommended by more hospitals, doctors and nurses than any other system.

The new GoSafe 2 is probably the most complete and best medical alert system available. In one sleek device, it's both an alert system that works in and outside the home and a fall detection system that automatically calls for help if a fall is detected – even if you are unable to push the help button.

At $44.95 for a go-anywhere mobile system with fall detection included, its pricing is on par with the industry average but with far superior technology.

Why We Love It:

Long Lasting Battery: The rechargeable battery lasts at least 2-3 days on a single charge, twice as long as most mobile alert systems.

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Most Accurate Fall Detection: GoSafe 2's AutoAlert is the most advanced and widely adopted fall detector on the market. It detects over 95% of all falls.

Convenient 2 in 1 Device: One of the few medical alert devices that has its fall detector embedded in the mobile alert two-way voice pendent - no need to carry 2 pendents like many other systems.

Most Advanced Location Detection: GoSafe 2 uses more than 6 technologies to locate users outdoors AND indoors in an emergency including GPS, WiFi, Triangulation and Beacons. Many other mobile devices struggle to locate users indoors.

Customer Friendly: 2 in 1 device makes it easy to use, a pleasure to wear and a snap to set-up. Staff are super friendly and the best trained in the industry.

Transparent Contracts: No hidden cellular taxes or fees, no surprise mobile "overage" charges. Contracts are month to month and can be cancelled any time - no long term commitment like Life Alert.

Customer Feedback:

"I was at church and I fell. My Lifeline detected my fall. They called my daughter and the firemen and the ambulance came right away. I strongly recommend Lifeline with fall detection to anyone."

"I'm 94 years old. I have fallen so many times. When I hit the button, they picked up right away. They're right on the money and I would 100% recommend them.”

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Best Medical Alert System For In The Home and On The Go

MobileHelp Solo >

If you're active outside your home and you don't need automatic fall detection, MobileHelp is our top rated medical alert system. Their technology is ahead of the curve and now their customer service is leading the pack as well!

MobileHelp is one of the few FDA-registered medical alert systems with live location tracking for family members and phenomenal customer service ratings and reviews. Prices start at $37.95 a month with no contracts!

Why We Love It:

Top Emergency Response Times: It takes MobileHelp an average of 17 seconds to respond when customers press their emergency button - that's 3 times faster than many of its top competitors!

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Free Remote Location Tracking: With MobileHelp Connect, family and caregivers can live track the location of a user online and get mobile alerts to emergency and non-emergency events.

Best-In-Class Technology: Advanced GPS locating technologies, automatic fall detection, medication reminders, activity tracking, vital signs monitoring (blood pressure, weight and blood oxygen)

Transparent Contracts: MobileHelp is one of the few medical alert companies to offer a no contract policy and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We love the simplicity and flexibility!

Customer Friendly: The product is simple to use and setting-up is straightforward. MobileHelp distinguishes itself with award-winning U.S. based customer support and emergency response services - really sets them apart. 

Customer Feedback:

"Other companies didn't respond as quickly. The response that I got was quick, and they stayed and helped me very well."

"I fell in my bathtub. I couldn't get back up, but I had the button around my neck. In less than 10 minutes 911 was there."

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Best Medical Alert System With Caregiver Support

LifeFone >

Not only does LifeFone offer a great suite of in-home and on-the-go medical alert systems with excellent service at great prices, it also offers a series of fantastic caregiver tools that no one else provides.

These caregiver tools help ensure user well being through services like check-in services, medication reminders, status checks and location check-ups.

Why We Love It:

Daily Check-In Call: Live daily outbound call to customers for anything from a simple check-in to medication reminders or any other reminders.

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Activity Assurance: Each day at a time set by users they will check in with LifeFone. If not, agents will call and if no response engage emergency protocol.

Medication Reminders: The base unit will make up to 4 automated reminders per day, for up to 10 medications. Reminders are uploaded remotely from the caregiver portal.

Fire, Smoke & Co2: Connect fire, smoke and Co2 alarms to LifeFone's monitoring centre. If the alarm goes off or the battery runs low they will immediately contact you and dispatch emergency personnel if necessary.

Customer Friendly: 30 day free trial, cancel your contract any time, pay only for the time you've used, equipment is easy to use and easy to set-up.

Customer Feedback:

"LifeFone bends over backwards to make sure my mom is safe and everything is smooth. So easy to deal with!"

"Researched several emergency alert systems and Lifefone offered the most for the best price!!"

Limited Time Offer! 1 month free, free lock box, free shipping, free activation, free spouse!

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Summary of The Best Medical Alert Systems 2018

CompanyWinning CategoryStarting PriceWebsiteCall For Free Consultation
Medical Guardian ClassicIn The Home$29.95Visit Site(800) 942-1829
Philips Lifeline GoSafe 2Mobile With Fall Detection$44.95Visit Site(855) 681-5351
MobileHelp SoloMobile$37.95Visit Site(855) 972-9747
LifeFoneCaregiver Tools$24.95Visit Site(844) 263-7216