MobileHelp Medical Alert Review


MobileHelp ReviewMobileHelp is one of the more popular Medical Alert companies in the country for seniors looking to live independently. What makes MobileHelp distinct however, is reliable technology (used by many of its competitors), excellent response times, free GPS live tracking (very uncommon), customer friendly service, easy set-up of the hardware and transparent contracts.

MobileHelp is ideal for those with a disability or medical condition that can erupt at any time, such as a seizure, blackout, fall, stroke or heart attack. You can give them access to your medical information and who you would like to be contacted in the event of a medical emergency.

MobileHelp comes with a wide range of solutions for seniors looking to live independently including cellular based systems (if you don't have a landline), mobile based system if you're on the go, fall detection and GPS so you can be found no matter where you are.

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MobileHelp Review Highlights

  • Great selection of systems and features, including the new MobileHelp Smart watch.
  • Excellent outsourced monitoring centre based in the United States
  • No price increases
  • No long term contracts


  • Live GPS tracking, so caregivers know where you are at all times (no extra cost)
  • Comes with optional medication reminders
  • MobileHelp Classic is cellular based in-home protection, so no landline needed
  • MobileHelp Duo, for in-home or on the go protection
  • MobileHelp Smart wearable health watch offers emergency response, GPS, heart rate & blood pressure monitoring and so much more!
  • Fast call centre response times, in the event emergency centre is contacted
  • Extra family members covered for free
  • Equipment is free (except for the smart watch)
  • Free lockbox


  • The mobile device is not waterproof or shower proof.
  • The battery on the mobile device only lasts 1 day, making it mandatory to recharge it every day.
  • Lost or damaged equipment incurs a fee

Monitoring Services

MobileHelp provides emergency monitoring services through a partnership with Rapid Response.

Rapid Response provides monitoring services to multiple medical alert companies, not just MobileHelp. They've been doing it for over 25 years. They have two redundant, state of the art facilities in Syracuse NY and Corona CA.

All of Rapid Response's emergency response operators are certified by the Security Industry Association and undergo in-depth pre-screening and a 6 week rigorous training program. Perhaps most importantly, Rapid Responses monitoring centers are all certified by UL Laboratories.

Product Features

MobileHelp offers both at home and mobile options, depending on your needs. You can speak with one of their staff members to determine which of the products best suits your situation.

Unique features of the MobileHelp systems include cellular based technologies for in-home coverage (so no landline needed), in addition to mobile systems for protection outside the home.

Aside from fall detection and we really like that MobileHelp allows family members to track their loved ones online whenever they leave the home. This is great for seniors who wander, get lost or sometimes leave the home without notifying family members.

MobileHelp is also unique in that it some of its products allow medication alerts, which is great if you or your loved one need a reminder to ensure you take your medications on time.

Installation Process

Installation couldn't be any simpler. All you have to do is plug the device into the wall. Press the emergency button to test and activate the system. That's it. The landline based system will also have to be plugged into the wall.

The system will already come with emergency pendents on a lanyard or watch band. Simply press the button and you'll be connected to a trained staff member in the emergency monitoring center within seconds.

Contract & Fees

MobileHelp has several payment options depending on your needs and preferences.

Low Cost Option: MobileHelp Classic

1. $29.95 per month with additional $5 off per month if you sign up for the annual plan

2. Cellular based, no landline needed, in-home only

3. Includes 2 free help buttons

Value Option: MobileHelp Duo

1. $41.95 per month with additional $6.15 off per month if you sign 

up for the annual plan

2. Get a cellular unit for in the home (no landline needed) and a mobile unit for outside the home

3. Includes 2 free help buttons

Mobile Option: MobileHelp Solo

1. $37.95 per month with additional $5.50 off per month if you sign up for the annual plan

2. Mobile only, with GPS

3. Includes 2 free help buttons

All systems come with free shipping, free activation, free hardware and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Wearable Technology: MobileHelp Smart

1. $349.95 for the watch, plus $24.95 per month for monitoring

2. Built in emergency medical alert system, with speaker and microphone

3. Built-in GPS, get help, no matter where you are

4. Wear it everywhere, in and outside the home and in the shower

5. Battery last up to 2 days on a single charge

6. Monitors heart rate and blood pressure

7. Gives the weather forecast and time

8. App shows steps walked, floors climbed, calories consumed, glasses of water consumed

All systems come with free shipping, free activation, free hardware and a 30 day money-back guarantee.


We like the MobileHelp in home systems and we absolutely love the new MobileHelp Smart system. If you're looking for the latest in wearable health technology while still being connected to an emergency response system, MobileHelp Smart is the answer. 

MobileHelp Duo is one of the few medical alert programs that offers a mobile unit for when you leave the home and a cellular unit for when you're in the home, which negates the problem of having the mobile only unit not being available in the shower.

MobileHelp is a very dependable company with excellent hardware for in-home protection. If you don't have a landline, and you want protection in your home, we'd definitely recommend the MobileHelp Duo without reservation.

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  1. your products are very expensive for old people who only has 1 pention,my mum stays aloane down England I live up in Scotland and she wont ask for help,and I cant afford to visit as much as I want,she has no one els,and both her hips are bad,she falls over a lot,and am terrified she falls and hurts her head and cant get to the phone karen. Scotland

    • Hi Karen,

      While no one is giving their services away, Medical Alert Systems are certainly cheaper than many alternatives. For example, while Medical Alert Systems cost around $30 for a full month of service ($40 with fall detection), it would probably cost you at least that much for a train ticket, bus ride or gas to visit your mom down in England, each trip, let alone the cost of not being at work. If you wanted to hire a private caregiver, it would probably cost you around $15 an hour, which is an absolute fortune! So while certainly not cheap, if you're looking for peace of mind and an extra layer of security for your mother, it's a very reasonably priced solution when compared to the alternatives.

      Alternatively, if your mother is consistently falling, and is at risk, have you explored government subsidized nursing homes? Again, a medical alert system would be a lot cheaper than a private senior care facility, but perhaps there is a subsidized alternative? Even if she's not ready at this time, it's probably something you should start to look into.

      Is that helpful?

      P.S. Love Scotland! Worked in Auchterarder for a summer. One of my favorite countries in the world.

      SeniorSafetyReviews Staff