LifeStation Review


LifeStationUnlike most other medical alert companies who are resellers of other companies' monitoring services, LifeStation owns two of the largest monitoring centers in the country, guaranteeing it has complete control over response times and the quality of services it offers its customers.

Aside from the quality of its monitoring and emergency services, we like LifeStation because it has a solid line-up of hardware for protection in and outside your home, live GPS tracking for caregivers, benchmark pricing and cancellable contracts, with a 30 day free trial period. 

LifeStation Review

LifeStation offers a complete set of solutions to seniors looking for help to live independently. Like many medical alert companies, LifeStation has three core product offerings: an at-home system connected via landline, an at-home system connected via cellular, and a mobile alert system for use in and outside the home. It also comes with fall detection and GPS tracking, two very popular options.

Best Monitoring Center: LifeStation is one of the few medical alert companies to own its own monitoring center. This is a big deal because it ensures LifeStation has control over response times, training and the overall quality of service provided to its customers. The biggest testament to the quality of its monitoring center is that many of the largest medical alert companies actually outsource their monitoring from LifeStation!

Excellent Service & Safety: Because LifeStation owns its own monitoring center it can do things others can't. For example, not only is it's monitoring center open 24X7, 365 days a year (that's a given for monitoring), it's customer service center is also open all day every day. This allows you to discuss technical issues, account issues, billing or your loved one's changing needs anytime that's convenient for you! Most other medical alert companies close the customer service center overnight, and have abbreviated hours on the weekends.

Live GPS Monitoring: LifeStation has introduced a program called Find My Loved One that allows you to track your loved one no matter where they are.. Simply text LifeStation a request, and they'll send you back a message, with the address of their location!

Improved Suite of Products: LifeStation recently replaced its in-home system with an updated version that has a range of 1,000 feet, which is now standard for the industry. The only product offering LifeStation doesn't offer is a smartwatch, but the jury's still out on whether smartwatches are effective for emergency situations.

Free Equipment, Free Activation, Free Shipping: While you pay a monthly service fee, LifeStation does not charge for equipment or shipping. One thing we don't like however, is the activation fee for the $19.95 monthly subscription plan (we're actually seeing a few medical alert companies do this, which is a little disappointing).

Revised Pricing: Responding to market conditions once again, LifeStation has dropped its pricing on its in-home landline service to less than $20 a month, bringing it in-line with the lowest pricing in the industry.

No Contract: LifeStation allows you to cancel your contract at any point in time. However, in order to get the best pricing, you'll need to pre-pay for the year. However, even though you're pre-paying for the year, you can still cancel at any point in time, and you'll get the balance of your unused months refunded.

Free Trial Period: We're big proponents of try before you buy. If you're not sure if you or your loved one is going to like using a medical alert system, give it a shot. If you don't like it, you can always return it in the first 30 days and it won't cost you a dime! Of course you can always cancel it at any point thereafter and it won't cost you anything thereafter either. Either way, you're not locked in.

Spouse Protection: You don't have to get separate subscriptions to protect two people in the same household. All you have to do is get an additional help button, which is only an extra $3.99 a month.

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Product FeaturesIn HomeIn-Home PlusMobile with GPS
Monthly Fee$19.95/mo$26.95/mo$29.95/mo
Battery LifePlugged in with 72 Hour Backup BatteryPlugged in 72 Hour Backup Battery5 Days
Range1,000 ft.650 ft.Portable

30-day money back guarantee

Free Cancellation

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Free Cancellation

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Free Cancellation

Fall Detection Available Additional Monthly Fee Additional Monthly Fee Additional Monthly Fee

What We Love

1. Excellent monitoring service, including weekly pinging to ensure systems are charged, plugged-in and running properly

2. Live GPS tracking for caregivers

3. No long term commitment - 30 day trial period and free cancellation

What We Think Needs Work

1. Transparency. We love the $19.95 pricing on the base system, but why add an activation fee? Keep it simple and easy to understand.

2. The live GPS tracking is great, but seems a little behind the times. It would be better if you didn't have to text to find out where someone was and the system allowed you to track live online, similar to a marathon. The technology is there.

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