Does AARP Offer Discounts for Medical Alert Systems?

Trisha Felgar

The simple answer is yes, AARP offers a discount on medical alert systems to its members through an exclusive partnership with Lifeline. AARP Members get a 15% discount on the monthly service fee for medical alert systems, plus free shipping and activation.

That said, even with the AARP medical alert discount, Lifeline tends to still be more expensive than most other medical alert companies, so we encourage our readers to shop around.

The easiest way to shop around is to call Lifeline and at least one of the other companies below to ensure you're getting the best product, price and promotion available.

We've listed some of the most popular medical alert systems with their latest discounts and contact information so you can easily call and compare promotions. You can also use our handy product and pricing comparison chart if you need to do a little more digging before you call.

AARP medical alert systems

1. MobileHelp (Best Price)

MobileHelp Medical Alert Review

MobileHelp is one of the best selling and most cost competitive providers in the medical alert industry. They're able to offer the lowest prices because they actually manufacture their own equipment, unlike most of their competitors. They offer a full range of in-home, out of home, GPS, and fall detection devices. We recommend calling and asking them which system best suits your individual needs.

What we like most about MobileHelp is their excellent equipment, senior focused service, strong offer incentives, 30 day risk free trial periods and free cancellation - making it risk free to try - this is important for the older adult population when trying new technologies.

Current & Best Discount:

Call for 1 free month, free equipment, plus 50% off fall detection, free lockbox, 30 day money back guarantee, free cancellation, free activation and free expedited shipping.

(Offer expires July 31, 2024)

If you ever wanted a deal, this is it!

We recommend you call to lock-in the best pricing and ask for the special offer above (800) 920-1745

2. Lifeline

Lifeline (recently acquired by Connect America from Philips) is the largest provider of medical alert systems. In addition to being recommended by AARP, Lifeline is recommended by more hospitals than any other medical alert company.

They have a great all in one out-of-home mobile medical alert device that has 2 way voice, fall detection and GPS, but is still small and nice looking. However, if you're looking for an in-home medical alert system, you may find cheaper alternatives that are just as good below - even with the AARP discount.

Current Discount: Lifeline offers a 15% discount on their monthly subscription price to AARP members, plus free shipping and activation. You must call and provide your AARP membership number to get access to the AARP discount.

Call (855) 410-3191

3. LifeFone

Lifefone has a very large offering of medical alert systems from in-home to a new small & lightweight mobile system, all with automatic fall detection offered as an option. We also really like LifeFone's Caregiver Mobile App and check-in services, if that's of interest to you.

Current Discount: LifeFone's current promotion, a discount available whether you're an AARP member or not, offers one free month, a free lock box, free shipping and free activation. But what we really like about LifeFone's offer is its risk free 30 day trial AND price lock guarantee. That means that the price you originally subscribe to can never be increased. LifeFone also comes with no contracts and free cancellation.

Call and ask for the Special Offer, expires July 31, 2024 (1 free month, free activation, free shipping, free lock box)

Call (844) 263-7216

4. Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is one of the largest medical alert system providers in the industry. They offer a complete suite of medical alert systems for every need, from in-door systems to out-of-home systems, GPS tracking, fall detection and smart watches.

What we especially like about Medical Guardian is their focus on customer service tailored to older adults, quick emergency response times and range between their pendants and base station.

Current Discount: 50% off top products, one free month, a free lock box, free activation and free shipping for the annual plan.

Call and ask for the Summer Sizzling Sale (promo code SUMMERSALE), expires July 21, 2024.

Call (800) 889-4116

5. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical offers in-home medical alert systems, mobile systems and automated fall detection. It also has a new technology alerting responders in the event of a car accident. Bay Alarm has a solid reputation and offers good value, although it recently increased its monthly subscription cost from $19.95 per month to $24.95 per month on its landline system.

Current Discount: Bay Alarm Medical does not offer an AARP discount, but it does have various promotions. Currently it is offering one month free, 20% off and free shipping on select plans, but you'll have to call to find out which plans, which we find inconvenient. What we do like about Bay Alarm Medical's offer is its 30 day free trial period.

Sizzling Summer Sale! Ends July 15, 2024

Call (855) 692-0104

6. Life Alert

Life Alert is one of the larger medical alert companies in the industry. They're the company that made the "I've Fallen and Can't Get Up" commercials.

We do not recommend Life Alert to our readers for two reasons. First, we find Life Alert more expensive than what you can get for similar product and service from other medical alert companies. Second, we don't like that they lock you into long term 3 year contracts (they can be cancelled upon death and some other special circumstances, but you'll have to provide proof), when most other companies now offer no contracts and or free cancellation and pro rated refunds.

Current Discount: We could not find an advertised AARP discount and when we called and asked for any current promotions we were told there weren't any.

Call (800) 360-0329

Discounts For AARP Members

AARP offers tons of discounts for its members. While many of its discounts offer significant value, the 15% AARP discount on Lifeline medical alert systems shouldn't sway you to choose Lifeline over another provider if you find the other provider's products a better fit for your needs. Many other providers offer just as attractive and even more attractive discounts if you call and ask - whether you're an AARP member or not.

However, if you're set on getting a medical alert system from Lifeline, there's no question you should take advantage of the AARP discount.

Either way, we recommend you call Lifeline and at least one other medical alert company from the list above to compare offers and product compatibility with your needs.

  1. I am writing this to help a friend who doesn't read contracts and saw in the AARP magazine the Life Alert system so she ordered it. She does have a pacemaker so was necessary. When she showed me her bill, I was appalled. She is paying twice as much as needed to be taken care of. She was told it was good for three years, not that she was locked into a contract. I have called over and over again as she wants to send it back and they said she signed a contract. She is in no frame of mind to do this as her husband was placed into memory care and now in hospice so has a lot on her mind. Yesterday I called the name on the contract and he said he did tell her. I am not getting anywhere with them and at this point she can not afford this and needs one that will work with her phone and the cost is half of what Life Alert is. They actually hung up on her after saying she can't cancel this as she signed a three year contract which was news to her. Do you have any recommendations to deal with this as she is so stressed and even this am when she called Customer Service, they were no help to her. Just wondering if there is something we can do to get her out of this as she trusted them due to the fact they were in your magazine. Wished I had known as I did research on them and they have been sued and the comments of their service was just as I heard first hand.

    • Hi Lori,

      First of all, sorry that you and your friend are going through these issues. As we highlighted, our biggest issue with Life Alert, and the reason we don't recommend them, is because of their long term contracts and poor customer service - not to mention their high cost.

      In terms of how you get out of the contract, If you believe Life Alert intentionally misrepresented the nature of the 3 year commitment over the phone by purposefully saying it was "good for 3 years" as opposed to a 3 year commitment, and that they are hanging up on you as opposed to trying to clarify the matter, then perhaps you can:
      1. Engage a lawyer to fight for on your behalf
      2. Ask you State's (Oregon I believe) Attorney General's Office to look into.
      3. File a consumer complaint with the Oregon Department of Justice here.

      The above is a cautionary tale for all of our readers. Lori's issue with Life Alert, is a prime example of why they should be avoided in our opinion. At this stage of life, you want the flexibility to be able to cancel a medical alert contract whenever you want, for whatever reason. Moreover, you want to work with an organization that is customer friendly, especially with seniors, not one that unprofessionally hangs up the phone on you, once you've handed over your credit card. There are plenty of alternatives as we highlighted above - use them to your advantage.

      Hope that helps,

      Seniorsafetyreviews Staff

  2. Looking for a medical alert service for 2 people in need, within one household. Somewhat reasonable and with fall detection. Thank you.

    • Hi Nancy,

      Mobilehelp, Medical Guardian and Lifeline all allow free spousal coverage. You will have to buy the extra pendent (should not be expensive for in-home coverage), but the monitoring will cover both you and your spouse with one paid subscription account.

      Hope that helps!

      Seniorsafetyreviews Staff

  3. What happens if you have a stroke or seizure and cannot speak to representative?

    • Hi Nancy,

      That's a great question. When you press the emergency help button, the emergency contact center will be notified. A representative will try to speak with you through the device (base station or pendent) to assess the situation. If they do not get a response, depending on specific protocols, they will send emergency help.

      Alternatively, if you have automatic fall detection, and you fall due to a stroke and are unable to speak or press the button, the automatic fall detector will notify the emergency response center. They will try to speak with you through your device. If they don't get a response within a short period of time, they will treat it as an emergency and send responders to your location.

      I hope that helps!

      Seniorsafetyreviews Staff

  4. Some medical alert systems offer lockbox. So when emergency responders (like 911)
    Would not break in through door or windows. My question is that is lockbox secure since the main door key is in there?

    • Hi Rosa,

      Yes the lockbox is secure. It is opened with a pin number. The pin number is held by the monitoring center. If an emergency responder is called, or family member for that matter, they are provided the pin number by the monitoring center to open the lock box, so they can access the key. We haven't heard of a lock box being broken into yet.

      Hope that helps!

      Seniorsafetyreviews Staff

      • Thank you very much for your answer which makes me feel more confidence to the live alert systems. It makes me feel much better knowing that I could get help when I'm alone and need help.

        Sorry I didn't see your answer until today (12/1/2022)

  5. I am interested in a medical alert for the 39773 zip code. My brother lives there. Can you assist in finding a reasonably priced medical alert?

    • Hi Pat,

      As we mentioned in the article above, we'd recommend giving Mobile Help a call. They have a wide range of medical alert solutions, have a solid national reputation and very reasonable pricing - they currently have a promotion offering 2 months free, 50% off fall detection, with free cancellation. Also, all of their equipment is free.

      Hope that helps you Pat!

      Seniorsafetyreviews Staff

    • How much for the lifeline in home fall aleat service.

      • Hi Susan,

        Lifeline HomeSafe with fall detection Auto Alert is $44.95 a month. Without fall detection Auto Alert it is $29.95 a month.

        Hope that helps!

        Seniorsafetyreviews Staff

  6. I'm looking for a medical alert system for me some times I feel like something might happen to and I'm fast enough to grab my phone to call in time I'm diabetic and sometime things happen to me where I'?m looking for my phone or help please help find one and how much monthly please not to expensive thank you.

    • Hi Carmen,

      if your looking for best value (good quality hardware and emergency service center, combined with a reasonable cost), we'd recommend MobileHelp at this time. They have a $19.99 monthly cost with a current promotion that gives you 2 months free, which is the best offer we see out there right now.

      Hope that helps!

      Seniorsafetyreviews staff

      • Does this system have fall coverage ? Mo.charge is 19.99 where do I call to order

        • Hi,

          Yes the Mobilehelp system comes with optional fall coverage for an extra $10 per month (like most if not all other systems). You can call Mobilehelp's number listed above, which is (800) 920-1745.

          Hope that helps!

          Seniorsafetyreviews Staff

  7. Do you have a Life alert in a braslet

    • Hi Stephanie,

      All the medical alert companies above offer in-home devices that come with help buttons that can be worn on your wrist. When it comes to the mobile devices however, some companies only offer all-in-one devices that will require you to wear them as a pendent around your neck (LifeLine, Life Alert, Mobile Help, Medical Guardian). Other mobile devices will provide you with a bracelet in addition to a device that can be carried in your pocket or purse, if you don't like having a pendent hanging from your neck (MobileHelp, Medical Guardian). Best idea is to give one of the companies above a call and see which option is best for you given your needs if you're uncertain.

      Hopefully that helps!

      Seniorsafetyreviews Staff