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Bay Alarm Medical

If you're looking for a reliable medical alert system, backed by a company with a long track record, excellent reputation and phenomenal customer service, Bay Alarm Medical is a strong choice. Bay Alarm Medical offers a transparent, fully cancellable, no strings attached contract, which comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Despite their focus on providing excellent equipment and customer service, they do a great job of making their solutions affordable to the everyday customer. Bottom line, we like their product and their service.

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical Review

Bay Alarm Medical offers some of the best medical alert systems for use in your home, on the go and even in your car. We're especially impressed with their in home medical alert system. It's easy to set-up, simple to use and very reliable. We're also impressed with their new all-in one two way talk mobile system, one of the few 4G systems in the marketplace.

Bay Alarm has a great range of solutions. What we like most of all, is they don't overcharge for their service and offer very customer friendly contracts with a 30 day money back guarantee and month to month contracts. The staff at spends a lot of time reading and reviewing the terms and conditions of each contract to ensure our readers don't get locked into long-term contracts or bait and switch pricing schemes. Bay Alarm Medical does a good job keeping its contractual terms consistent with its marketing promises.

  • Best value & top rated company
  • Great customer service 
  • Excellent pricing at $19.95 per month for in-home landline system
  • New 4G mobile system 
  • Not covered by Medicare

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Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems

In The Home Landline Medical Alert

In the home bay alarm

Bay Alarm Medical's in the home landline medical alert system starts at $19.95 per month. The in the home system is a traditional landline medical alert system with a wearable help button, and a speaker / receiver base that connects to the monitoring center via landline. The help button can be worn as a watch or as a pendent around your neck. You can wear it up to 1,000 feet away from the base station, plenty for most homes.

Bay Alarm Medical's In The Home Landline System is perfect if you already have an existing landline and you don't need protection outside your home. One of the advantages of an in the home medical alert is that the pendent does not need to be recharged, unlike mobile system which require recharging every few days.

In The Home Cellular Medical Alert

In home cellular Bay Alarm Medical

The in the home cellular medical alert system starts at $29.95 per month. The in the home cellular system has the same functionality as the landline system, except it contact the emergency response center via AT&T cellular network, instead of through a landline. This is a great option for those who no longer have a landline. You won't need to reinstall one, and Bay Alarm Medical includes the cost of AT&T's cellular coverage in the monthly price.

Bay Alarm Medical will help you determine if you AT&T's 4G cellular coverage is strong enough in your area. Regardless, you can always try and if the coverage isn't good enough, return the system with Bay Alarm Medical's 30 day money back guarantee.

On The Go Medical Alert

On The Go Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical's on the go medical alert starts at $29.95 per month. If you find yourself alone and outdoors quite often, a mobile medical alert system may be the right choice for you. Bay Alarm Medical's brand new on the go system has a 2 way microphone and speaker that allows you to press the help button and speak to Bay Alarm Medical's trained operator no matter where you are. Bay Alarm can then use the system's GPS to track your exact location and send help, even if you can't describe where you are. It has a great battery life of 72 hours on a single charge.

Another great feature of the system is that family members can track the pendent live, so they don't have to panic if they can't find their loved one right away.

The one drawback of the system is that the automatic fall detector is a worn as a separate device, making it rather inconvenient to wear both at the same time.

Bay Alarm Medical Cost & Features

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Bay Alarm Medical Response Centers

Bay Alarm Medical provides highly trained personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through 2 redundant, multi-lingual, 5 Diamond Certified, UL Inspected monitoring centers located in two different states. That said, Bay Alarm Medical still has a small company feel.

Bay Alarm Medical's staff monitoring agents are personable, patient and courteous over the phone. One thing you have to remember is that the majority of calls that come in are not for emergency situations. Often times customers press their button to test to make sure it's working, to ask if the operator can contact someone on the emergency list and quite often they press the button to have a question answered that's completely unrelated. Having staff that are trained to be sensitive to senior concerns is critical.

Bay Alarm Medical

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Bay Alarm Medical Q&A

  • What happens if the Bay Alarm Medical Monitoring Center had a power outage?
    Bay Alarm Medical has two monitoring centers supporting its customers. Back-up power generators are used in the event of a power outage, However, if for whatever reason the power generator do not work or there is a natural disaster, the secondary monitoring center will take over the work flow capacity of the other.

  • Can I use Bay Alarm Medical devices in the shower?
    Yes. Every Bay Alarm Medical device, whether it's the in the home pendents or the on the go device, can be worn in the shower. You may also want to put a wall mounted button in the shower, if you don't like wearing the pendent on your wrist or around your neck while bathing.

  • Who does Bay Alarm Medical call when I press the help button?
    When you set-up your account with Bay Alarm Medical, you will provide a list of emergency contacts to call in the event of an emergency, such as family, friends, neighbors, caregivers or doormen. Depending on the circumstance, the monitoring agent will either call someone designated on the list for a non-emergency situation, or they will call to dispatch emergency services in an emergency.

  • Does Bay Alarm Medical charge extra for the cellular and mobile medical alert systems?
    No. Your Bay Alarm medical monthly subscription includes the cost of AT&T's cellular service. So if the on the go system costs $29.95 per month, there is no additional cellular fee.

  • Why do I need wall mounted buttons?
    Unfortunately, some people forget to put on their pendent, especially in the shower or while changing in the bedroom. Placing a wall mounted help button in the shower stall, by the toilets and in your bedroom, gives you the extra security of knowing you'll have access to help, even if you forget to put on your pendent.
  • How is the battery life on the mobile system?
    The new on the go device has a solid battery life of 72 hours, which is 3 days, before it needs to be recharged. The device will warn you that it needs to be recharged, to ensure you don't forget.


If you're looking for a basic in the home or on the go medical alert system, Bay Alarm Medical is an excellent choice. They offer great equipment and exceptional service, at some of the lowest prices in the industry. With a free 30 day trial offer, and month to month contracts, there's no risk to giving them a try.

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Bay Alarm Medical Review
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Bay Alarm Medical Review
If you're looking for a reliable medical alert system, backed by a company with a long track record, excellent reputation and phenomenal customer service, Bay Alarm Medical is a strong choice.
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